Program Evaluation

The BuckLER Center evaluates language programs for K-12 and higher education, including English as a second language and dual/bilingual programs

We partner with programs and institutions to evaluate language programs in various settings.  The purposes of the evaluation are to review a language program in its current state and to identify the program’s strengths and areas for improvement for the future.  Our process of the evaluation is collaborative and typically includes, but not limited to:

  • Formal application submitted by the program
  • Self-study report conducted by the program
  • Program and curriculum evaluation conducted by the BuckLER Center
  • Site visit (virtual, in-person, or hybrid) conducted by the BuckLER Center
    • Interviews with administrators, faculty, staff, and students
    • Observations of program activities and student services
  • Based on a set of criteria and quality indicators, results of the evaluation and recommendations provided by the BuckLER Center