Module 7; Si Se Puede! (Yes you can!)

Reflection; For what it’s worth…

This week’s module was better-aimed to really reflect back on this semester in close. The one thing that I can say that I am appreciative of was the fact that I have been able to hold myself accountable for my actions and time spent during my day to day activities.

My goal at the beginning of this semester was to manage my time better and be able to have more time to do leisure activities. My passion planner was a huge part of my success for this semester as well as having someone to hold me accountable. When I was actively tracking my study hours I was holding myself accountable and gauging my progress on certain tasks. Another thing that I loved and appreciated most was feedback from my peers. I think that online learning can’t be so bad after all, especially when you get the opportunity to bounce ideas off of people. Following that, although I do not see myself as one to collaborate, this course really showed me how I can look at other views and actually incorporate them.

Furthermore, I would encourage students to open their horizons because there are lessons to be learned when trying to set goals and break old habits. Will you make the change??


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Module 6; Is it really reliable?


This week’s module specifically had perfect timing. Why? Because we are in College and it is apparent that we know how to properly research when writing a paper. I think that we can all agree that we learn some of these techniques while in high school and even some in middle school. But could you really understand why it is vital and important to collect the correct information? The activity in which we had to decide if a resource was worth quality, reliable etc. was worth reflecting upon for the simple fact that these are actual questions that we need to be asking ourselves when posing a research question. I know that I indeed was on the right track when I saw some of the resources that I already use when conducting a research paper. One Specific resource that I have added below was google scholar. Google scholar provides millions of research articles depending on the topic that you search.

As a linguist, it is imperative that I am able to utilize all the resources possible. When doing my final research paper here in a couple of weeks, I will most definitely be utilizing the tips given in this module. In closing, I would encourage students to really challenge themselves and also challenge the research that they are doing, because you never know what will be filled with bias!



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Module 4; Notes, notes, notes… Why do we take them?

Hey all,

This week’s module was super interactive in way that allowed me to really be hands-on, and take away some new tips. One Thing discussed that I found most useful was the video over note-taking and identifying which key points are important in taking notes during a lecture. A specific skill that I already use is organizing my notes in such a way that I can identify what important points there are later on. This usually works pretty well because when I get a study guide for a particular class I am able to just fill in the gaps. I also love the fact that with this style I can go back and highlight or underline important information. For the future and beyond I will always try to remain open and optimistic when seeking out my resources because it could really help me out.

With myself really wanting to be a health professional, I would advise that those who aspire the same as myself to always keep seeking out the extra resources even when you feel like you don’t need to seek them out. I would also keep in mind that no information is too much information. Hope this helps!


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Module 4; Reading and Study Strategies, a must know !

New Skills!

This week’s module was really helpful at tackling a lot of resources that students may not know about in their journey to have successful study habits and at times self-accountability.  The most useful thing that I learned was that learning does not have to be a “one and done”. There are TONS of resources that you can use that tailor to how you learn in the most efficient way. One specific thing that I was already putting into practice was using flashcard sites as well as organizational apps like google calendar. I strongly emphasize google calendar mainly because it can be easy to lose what you have going on for the day and a calendar can provide you with information such as reminding you which readings, and or assignments that you may have coming up. This especially helps me for the simple fact that I usually forget a lot of things, so having a place to put things into perspective was pretty helpful. I could definitely continue to use these practices described in the module in the future because I plan to go onto graduate school. I could be more strategic about how I study so that way I won’t be wasting as much time. In closing, I would strongly encourage students to really explore how they learn and what actually works best for them because in the end, it will only lead them to be more successful.