Module 7; Si Se Puede! (Yes you can!)

Reflection; For what it’s worth…

This week’s module was better-aimed to really reflect back on this semester in close. The one thing that I can say that I am appreciative of was the fact that I have been able to hold myself accountable for my actions and time spent during my day to day activities.

My goal at the beginning of this semester was to manage my time better and be able to have more time to do leisure activities. My passion planner was a huge part of my success for this semester as well as having someone to hold me accountable. When I was actively tracking my study hours I was holding myself accountable and gauging my progress on certain tasks. Another thing that I loved and appreciated most was feedback from my peers. I think that online learning can’t be so bad after all, especially when you get the opportunity to bounce ideas off of people. Following that, although I do not see myself as one to collaborate, this course really showed me how I can look at other views and actually incorporate them.

Furthermore, I would encourage students to open their horizons because there are lessons to be learned when trying to set goals and break old habits. Will you make the change??


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