Module 6; Is it really reliable?


This week’s module specifically had perfect timing. Why? Because we are in College and it is apparent that we know how to properly research when writing a paper. I think that we can all agree that we learn some of these techniques while in high school and even some in middle school. But could you really understand why it is vital and important to collect the correct information? The activity in which we had to decide if a resource was worth quality, reliable etc. was worth reflecting upon for the simple fact that these are actual questions that we need to be asking ourselves when posing a research question. I know that I indeed was on the right track when I saw some of the resources that I already use when conducting a research paper. One Specific resource that I have added below was google scholar. Google scholar provides millions of research articles depending on the topic that you search.

As a linguist, it is imperative that I am able to utilize all the resources possible. When doing my final research paper here in a couple of weeks, I will most definitely be utilizing the tips given in this module. In closing, I would encourage students to really challenge themselves and also challenge the research that they are doing, because you never know what will be filled with bias!



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