Module 4; Notes, notes, notes… Why do we take them?

Hey all,

This week’s module was super interactive in way that allowed me to really be hands-on, and take away some new tips. One Thing discussed that I found most useful was the video over note-taking and identifying which key points are important in taking notes during a lecture. A specific skill that I already use is organizing my notes in such a way that I can identify what important points there are later on. This usually works pretty well because when I get a study guide for a particular class I am able to just fill in the gaps. I also love the fact that with this style I can go back and highlight or underline important information. For the future and beyond I will always try to remain open and optimistic when seeking out my resources because it could really help me out.

With myself really wanting to be a health professional, I would advise that those who aspire the same as myself to always keep seeking out the extra resources even when you feel like you don’t need to seek them out. I would also keep in mind that no information is too much information. Hope this helps!


Check out these helpful links:…-do-we-take-them/