Module 4; Reading and Study Strategies, a must know !

New Skills!

This week’s module was really helpful at tackling a lot of resources that students may not know about in their journey to have successful study habits and at times self-accountability.  The most useful thing that I learned was that learning does not have to be a “one and done”. There are TONS of resources that you can use that tailor to how you learn in the most efficient way. One specific thing that I was already putting into practice was using flashcard sites as well as organizational apps like google calendar. I strongly emphasize google calendar mainly because it can be easy to lose what you have going on for the day and a calendar can provide you with information such as reminding you which readings, and or assignments that you may have coming up. This especially helps me for the simple fact that I usually forget a lot of things, so having a place to put things into perspective was pretty helpful. I could definitely continue to use these practices described in the module in the future because I plan to go onto graduate school. I could be more strategic about how I study so that way I won’t be wasting as much time. In closing, I would strongly encourage students to really explore how they learn and what actually works best for them because in the end, it will only lead them to be more successful.