Hidden Gems of the Newark Campus

Emily Hankinson, Senior English Major

The Ohio State University at Newark offers a variety of clubs, activities, and student opportunities. But what many students don’t realize is that the campus has some hidden gems all around campus. There’s a place for everyone.

LeFevre Hall is sparkling with gems from the inside out. Head upstairs and sit by the edge of the top floor to get a view of the artwork hanging from the ceiling, anxious actors ready to get onstage in the Black Box Theatre and listen to the guitarists, pianists and singers that can be heard practicing in the acoustic space. On a warm day, head outside and wander between the pine trees for a secluded area. It’s the perfect place for a picnic if you don’t mind the squirrels chattering and birds singing.

In the middle of campus you can find the ponds and McConnell Pointe, full of ducks in the spring and tables to study or eat lunch. It’s a great place to stop between classes and have a quick study session and have a view of all the fall colors.

Around campus are 25 miles of recreational trails and 24 miles of bike path. Go for a walk or jog around campus and enjoy the creeks and covered bridge. If you meet someone along the way smile and say hello.

The Recreation Center in Adena Hall recently opened. Head there to blow off some steam before or after class with updated state-of-the-art equipment. It’s free for students, faculty and staff and you can bring one guest with your COTC or BuckID.

In Hopewell Hall is the Education Curriculum Center, where you can sit on a comfy couch next to a fish tank to do your studying.

The John L. and Christine Warner Library & Student Center doesn’t just offer the Constance Corkwell Baldwin Fireside Lounge, quiet study rooms and areas in the library, and the Table of Contents to grab some food or coffee. The Warner Center is also home to some other gems. In the library you can find Research Librarian Katie Blocksidge, Reference Library Hanna Primeau and Special Collections Reference Librarian John D. Crissinger. They can help you get started on a research project on any topic. Upstairs you can find the Math Learning Center, Tutoring Center and Writer’s Studio.

Put hidden gems on your phone and have easy access to all things Ohio State University. Download the Ohio State University App (available for iOS and Android for free) and have access to your Statement of Account, Advising information, maps, BuckID, libraries, athletics, grades and more. You can also get reminders for when and where your classes.

Emily Hankinson is a senior at Ohio State Newark majoring in English and minoring in both Spanish and professional writing. She works on campus in the Writer’s Studio and off campus in a local library. She plans to pursue a master’s degree in library and information sciences after graduating in May. In her free time, she likes to read young adult novels; travel; and spend time with her friends, family and two cats: Tigger and Sadie.

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