In the Field Friday: Emily Singleton

By: Nicole McMullen

For our last “In the Field Friday” of the summer we are highlighting Emily Singleton. Singleton is a current Animal Sciences major with an Animal Health specialization at Ohio State ATI. She is from Wilmington, Ohio. She spent some of her time this past summer serving as an orientation ambassador for Ohio State ATI. We would also like to congratulate her for being appointed as the president of the Pre-Vet Club for this school year.

Her internship was with Fine Swine, LLC, located in South Solon, Ohio, as a farrowing (birthing) and gestation (pregnancy) technician. For gestation, Singleton performed heat and pregnancy checks and also bred and treated sows. In addition, she aided in the farrowing of piglets. Throughout her internship she had to keep accurate records for each sow and piglet to ensure animal health and safety were maintained.

Singleton advises students to plan for each week and to be prepared for any major upcoming assignments. “Space everything out and be sure to set aside certain time blocks every day for each of your classes, but don’t forget to set aside time for yourself each day!”

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Student Activities Center

College is a time in your life to try new things! No one emphasizes that more than Jodie Holava, Ohio State ATI’s Student Activities Coordinator. Her biggest advice to a prospective student is “Try it all! You want to join a student group? Go for it! Go on a trip to visit someplace you’ve never been? Why not!  It may be uncomfortable and something you’ve never done before, but that’s how you learn and grow!” In her role at the Student Activities Center Jodie is always working on bringing in new activities for our students to enjoy!

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In the Field Friday: Kalyn Blue and Olivia Rinesmith

By: Nicole McMullen

Kalyn Blue

Kalyn Blue

This week we will be highlighting two current Ohio State ATI students, Kalyn Blue and Olivia Rinesmith. Both of these students interned at an Ohio State University 4-H Extension office.

Blue is a current Agriscience and Extension Education major from Hamler, Ohio. This summer she interned with both Henry and Fulton County 4-H Extension offices. Her projects included coordinating judges and assisting with questions and office duties. Her advice to future students is to get engaged and involved. “The student organizations and opportunities available through Ohio State will put you ahead for your future career!” Blue added.

Olivia Rinesmith

Olivia Rinesmith

From London, Ohio, Rinesmith is studying Agricultural Communication. She completed her internship with the Madison County 4-H Extension office, focusing on the county fair. She attended junior and senior fair board meetings, created graphics for social media, recorded live shows, and assisted with interviews for the junior fair board. Rinesmith shared, ”Having a virtual internship has helped me with my technology skills, as well as communication skills through web calls.”

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In the Field Friday: Brooke Bockey

By: Nicole McMullen

We are excited to highlight our current student, Brooke Bockey, from Spencerville, Ohio. Bockey is studying Animal Science with specializations in Animal Health and Swine at Ohio State ATI. This summer she gained experience in the swine industry. Bockey also served as an orientation ambassador helping new students acclimate to Ohio State ATI.

At Cooper Farms, Bockey interned in the sow division. Biosecurity was an important aspect of her internship as she traveled to different sow, gilt, and piglet barns. Recording ear notches, quality of semen, and availability of pens for piglets were some of her responsibilities. Bockey improved the animals’ health by working to limit the amount of moisture in the pens for gilts, as well.

She would like students to know it is not too early to look for an internship for next summer. Furthermore, when in the interview, it is important to be completely honest with the interviewer. Bockey adds, “Try to gain as much information and knowledge as you can!”

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In the Field Friday: Ashley Garlick

By: Nicole McMullen

2020 Outstanding Student, Ashley Garlick, is this week’s “In the Field Friday.” In May, Ashley received her Associate of Science in Agriscience Education. This fall, Ashley will transition to the Columbus campus to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Agriscience Education. Ashley is at home (Swanton, Ohio) this summer because her internship is right across the Michigan-Ohio border.

Wilbur-Ellis is a chemical company located in Dundee, Michigan, where Ashley’s responsibilities include customer relations, inventory, and ordering. Ashley works with customers to deliver chemicals and seeds, and she utilizes tracking inventory to ensure the orders she places are fulfilled. Team building and teamwork are a few skills Ashley has been able to enhance through her assignments.

“Do not be nervous to get started, instead jump right in and have confidence,” Ashley shared. Furthermore, Ashley is appreciative of her internship with a great company like Wilbur-Ellis. Through her experience, she has seen “why agriculture is such a great industry.”

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In the Field Friday: Haley Schmersal

By: Nicole McMullen

We would like to introduce Haley Schmersal as our “In the Field Friday.” Schmersal graduated in May with an Associate of Science in Agricultural Communication from Ohio State ATI. Preparing to transition to the Columbus campus of Ohio State, she is interning with the Toledo Metroparks.

As an Outdoor Skills Programmer, she is responsible for instructing a variety of outdoor programs. These programs are designed for people of all ages to learn proper safety procedures for outdoor equipment. Kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, archery, and tree climbing are examples of the different programs Schmersal leads.

This internship has pushed her to try something outside of her comfort zone. Schmersal adds, “That’s where the most growth happens!”

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In the Field Friday: Owen Greene

By: Nicole McMullen

The “In the Field Friday” for this week features 2020 Ohio State ATI graduate, Owen T. Greene. He earned an Associate of Science in Animal Science. Owen is from Jackson, Ohio; however, he has relocated to Valentine, Nebraska, for his internship this summer.

Valentine is home to D6 Lantana Ranch, located in the Northern Sandhills of Nebraska. Through his internship, Owen is learning to run a beef cattle ranch, which has calves, cows, and bulls. He is tasked with branding, vaccinating, and tagging calves to maintain animal health. Owen drives cattle weekly. Other than working with cattle, Owen is assigned fence maintenance, hay baling, and resolution of diesel mechanic issues, as needed.

“Never hold yourself back from an opportunity! You are just beginning a new chapter in your life, and by all means, try everything and do not take anything for granted,” says Owen. “Also, always put in 110% and go above and beyond every single minute of every day, and you will be successful!”

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In the Field Friday: Nicole McMullen

Nicole McMullenThis week’s “In the Field Friday” is Nicole McMullen, from Monclova, Ohio. She graduated this past spring from Ohio State ATI with an Associate of Science in Agriscience Education. She will transition to the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University this fall to continue her education.

This summer she is completing a virtual internship with John Deere as a marketing/sales intern for Harvester Works. The June 15th launch of the new X9 Combine Series and Front-End Equipment is the focus for the team. This summer she is responsible for setting up weekly U.S. dealer meetings to receive feedback from dealers using demo machines and equipment. Creating a Harvest 2020 Game Plan is her second project. This project requires Nicole to work with U.S. and Canadian team members to ensure the dealers will have support from the field team for demos and clinics. Through her internship she has been able to network with John Deere employees from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Germany, as well as interns across the country.

“Take every opportunity that is offered to you, even if unsure about it,“ Nicole said. She earned this internship during the career fair at MANRRS (Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences) Region V Cluster in October of 2019. “I was focused on learning more about MANRRS,” Nicole adds, “but it opened the door to network with recruiters in a more personalized setting.”

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“Who are You Talking To?” Tuesday-Rachael Ramsier, Professor

By: Emily Bookless

Rachael RamsierRachael Ramsier is an associated faculty and program coordinator for the Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership (ACEL) program at Ohio State ATI.

She completed her associate degree in Agriscience Education at Ohio State ATI before finishing her bachelor’s degree at the Columbus campus. She later completed a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Administration at The Ohio State University. Now, she is working on her PhD through the ACEL department at OSU.

“Some of my best memories started on the ATI campus, and I made friends for life,” said Ramsier. “I have always felt the ACEL program was home to me, and I am so grateful for the opportunities the department has given me.”

Her advice to those in the ACEL program is to gain experience in the agricultural industry and not limit yourself to only taking internships that might be in a classroom or extension office. She recommends pulling from real life experiences in agriculture to inspire and teach your youth, whether it be in the classroom or in a 4-H youth development setting.

Ramsier’s advice for incoming freshmen is to explore the ATI campus by taking advantage of the opportunities you have to learn and grow. “The best advice given to me from my parents was to live on campus. At the time we lived in dorms across the road, which was awesome,” said Ramsier. Ohio State ATI now has an apartment village on campus, which has replaced that residence hall. Her favorite part of being a faculty member is connecting and interacting with students.

Ramsier balances her work by hanging out with family, exploring the outdoors, raising livestock, and helping her children with their 4-H projects.

In the Field Friday: Samantha Augustine

By: Nicole McMullen
Samantha AugustineToday we are highlighting Ohio State ATI 2019 graduate, Samantha Augustine. Samantha graduated December 2019 with an Associate of Science in Agricultural Communication from Ohio State ATI. After graduation, she transitioned to the Columbus campus of Ohio State to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communication with a minor in Meat Science.

Samantha will be a communication intern with the Ohio Pork Council, located in New Albany, Ohio. The focus of the internship is to promote the pork industry throughout the state of Ohio. Her responsibilities include member communication, consumer communication, and education through Porkline magazine, social media, event planning, and e-newsletters. Creating graphics for the various media will be her focus.

COVID-19 changed the end of the school year and affected many students’ internships. “During this difficult time as current or future students,” Samantha reminds us, “it’s important to remember to accept the failures and or setbacks that come your way, handle it, learn from it, and move on.”

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