In The Field Friday: Mallory Kramer

Written By Lexi Troyer

Mallory Kramer, a dedicated upcoming second-year Ohio State ATI student from Pemberville, Ohio, is currently taking part in a summer internship experience as she pursues her major in agriscience education. The chance to intern at the Sandusky County 4-H Extension Office came to Mallory’s attention through a network of fellow students at Ohio State ATI. Inspired by the experiences and recommendations of her peers, Mallory pursued this opportunity.

Mallory’s daily routine at her internship can revolve around office work or field visits, depending on the day. During her hours spent in the office, she will find herself completing a variety of online tasks, such as preparing for 4-H Camp or project judging. If Mallory is not in the office, she may be visiting elementary schools in Sandusky County. Mallory says, “So far this year we have visited two local elementary schools. While visiting the schools, we teach students about coding through the use of robots that were gifted to us through a grant.”

Looking ahead, Mallory shares that she is looking forward to managing the Sandusky County Summer Showcase. She describes the showcase as “an event that takes place after project judging, where individuals are awarded with trophies based on their placement at judging.” Mallory is enjoying her internship thus far and is eager to see what the future may hold. Reflecting on internships in general, she states, “Internships are important because they help students gain an idea of what they may want to do in their future. They also open the door for possibility and opportunity.”

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