Student Spotlight: Lilly Wagner

Lilly Wagner: The Best Part About Having Roommates

When I decided I wanted to come to Ohio State ATI, the scariest part for me was who I was going to be put into a room with. Well, let me be the first to tell you, roommates are fun and make the college experience so much better. I have lucked out with having roommates who have become some of my best friends these past two years. 

One of the perks of having a roommate is cooking dinner together. Here at ATI, we have full kitchens in the apartments, so we usually make most of our dinners at the apartment. Having other people to help cook and rotate meals is nice because it gives each individual a little break from having to cook everything. We also enjoy making meals and memories together while in the kitchen. A lot of our friends come over and we all eat dinner together. It makes meals fun and very entertaining.  

One of my favorite memories with my roommate is late night Fro-Yo runs. We both love frozen yogurt, and it has become a tradition that we go about once a week to get it. It is a nice break from schoolwork and is a great time getting out of the apartment. We have made so many memories throughout the year. 

Having roommates may seem scary because it is something new, but as a student who has had a roommate for the past two years, I have had an amazing experience. Roommates help enhance the college experience, and you make lots of memories together. 

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