In The Field Friday: Kalleigh Fry

Kalleigh Fry: Gerald Grain Center

Agribusiness major Kalleigh Fry is completing her internship this summer with Gerald Grain Center in Napoleon, OH. Kalleigh, from Archbold, OH, is serving Fulton County and surrounding areas as an agronomy and grain merchandising intern. Kalleigh said she chose this internship for its access to a side of the industry she is passionate about, through hands-on experience in grain, feed, and agronomy.  

So far, Kalleigh has gained experience at the agronomy plant running scales for dry and liquid fertilizer, anhydrous ammonia, and the tender trucks for sprayers. She was excited for the opportunity to travel to all of Gerald Grain’s locations and see different sides of the industry that she can pursue post-graduation. Following her time at the current plant, Kalleigh says, “I will be transitioning to the grain locations with the start of wheat harvest to learn grain scales, grading, and the basic introduction of grain merchandising, as well as anything else that is offered to me!” 

By the end of the internship, Kalleigh said she hopes to have gained skills relevant to this job, as well as in areas like customer and employee relations, problem solving, and personal/professional development. Though many interns would say their fails are the least favorite of their memories, Kalleigh said it was quite the opposite: “My favorite memory thus far in my internship would be my fails! The other employees and I always are able to laugh them off, and it is what I learn the most from. Other than that, each day brings something new to laugh about.” 

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