On Campus Jobs for Ohio State ATI Students

Kelsie Mannasmith: On-Campus Jobs for ATI Students

On-Campus Jobs for Ohio State ATI Students

There are many reasons why students may want to find a campus job—whether they need the extra money, have a lot of time to spare, or even just want to get involved. Whatever your reason is, Ohio State ATI and the CFAES Wooster campus have many student employment opportunities available. While not all jobs on campus are included in this list, here are a variety of options. Read below to learn about some of these jobs and their responsibilities.

  • Café Carmen and CFAES Café: The two dining locations at the CFAES Wooster campus are a very popular option for students seeking a job. Hayley Bankey, a second-year ATI student, says, “My experience from Café Carmen has been amazing. I have improved my people skills since I joined the team. Everyone on campus knows who I am, including professors, because of my job at the café.” Students pursuing this opportunity may be completing orders from GrubHub or preparing the kitchen for their shift.
  • Admissions Student Ambassador: Student assistants in the ATI Admissions Office serve as the face of the college by giving tours, assisting with recruitment events, and answering phone calls from prospective students and their families. Bryce Bennett, a second-year student, says, “I love working in the admissions office because I get to meet all of the students who are interested in coming to ATI.” If you see the ambassador who led your tour, make sure to say hello!
  • Library: Would you rather enjoy a quiet work environment? Students working in the library will help other students find the resources they need for classes. Chances are that you saw Kathy Yoder, the head librarian, during your campus visit, so don’t be shy!
  • Resident Advisor and Housing Office Assistant: Although first-year students cannot serve as resident advisors, they can work in the ATI housing office as office assistants. Both roles will have responsibilities related to helping fellow classmates with issues they may have while living on campus. Skyelar Rock reflects on her experience as a resident advisor: “My experience as an RA was stressful but rewarding. There were some ups and downs, but that’s just part of the job. Had I not taken the position, I wouldn’t have met my best friend or gained such an amazing group of friends. My team and I learned to work under unusual circumstances, and I gained the knowledge to advocate for a positive resident experience and build myself as a leader.”
  • CFAES Farms: Will you miss working on your farm at home or want experience on a farm? The various farms at the CFAES Wooster campus have many student jobs to choose from, including beef, equine, swine, poultry, dairy, small ruminant, and the land lab. Students working at the farms will be responsible for daily chores and caring for the animals, crops, or equipment.
  • Research Assistant: Students who participate in research assistance work closely with a faculty member or researcher at CFAES Wooster. If you are looking for guidance in your future pathway, look for research opportunities in your area of interest!
  • Landscape: Do you like working outside and want to add your own touch to CFAES Wooster? As an assistant in landscape, you can contribute to the campus and others can see your work! If you’re looking to gain valuable outdoor skills in a new or familiar area, this is the position for you!
  • Learning Lab Tutor: Not only do students in this job get to help others succeed, but they also get the chance to earn some money while doing it! If you excel in your classes, make sure to explore this job option. Second-year student Jacob Stiltner chose this job to complement his agriscience education degree: “Working in the learning lab has been very beneficial for me on my road to becoming an agricultural educator. The various interactions I have with fellow students have helped reassure me that agricultural education is the field I want to go into!”

Many students can take advantage of the job opportunities on campus. These jobs are very flexible with students’ academic schedules, and they give students an opportunity to earn some money in between classes. As an admissions ambassador myself, I highly encourage others to apply for a job that interests them. You never know what networking opportunities may arise!

There are two types of student employment: Federal Work-Study employment and wage employment. For more details, visit https://ati.osu.edu/financial_resources/student-employment


Want to learn more? If you are interested in learning about more jobs or are ready to apply, visit this link: Workday – Ohio State’s HR Career System: Workday | Office of Technology and Digital Innovation (osu.edu)

  1. Sign-in with your OSU credentials (# and password).
  2. Navigate to the menu tab at the top left of the Workday homepage.
  3. In the Applications section, click Career Application.
  4. In the View Section, click either Search Students Jobs or Search Student Federal Work-Study Jobs.

*Make sure to select “Wooster Campus” under the “primary locations” section


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