In The Field Friday: Seth Gamble

Seth Gamble – ProVia 

Second-year Construction Systems Management student, Seth Gamble, is completing his internship this summer with the ProVia company in Walnut Creek, OH. ProVia specializes in home exterior solutions, including door and window installation as well as roofing, siding, and stonework.  

Seth currently completes warranty service repairs and replacements on homes and businesses, including ProVia facilities as well as some “high dollar homes.” From this internship he hopes to gain a greater understanding of ProVia’s products and services, as well as communication skills through all steps of the process – from homeowner to company, and from company to distributors and installers. 

One unique aspect of this internship that Seth noted was how he came about this position. In his search for a summer internship, Seth sought out Provia, who then developed a position specifically for him. “I sought the company out myself and they created the position for me, making it a one-of-a-kind internship that no one has had before.” Seth chose this internship for a handful of reasons: it is relevant to the degree he is pursuing, and it pays fairly for a student internship. Most importantly, though, he chose ProVia because the values and purpose of the company align well with his own personal and professional goals. 

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  1. Seth is an amazing young man! He helped design and build a new bedroom for my son! He’s great at this field!

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