Student Spotlight: Morgan Hefner

Morgan Hefner, The Best Part About Being a Student at Ohio State ATI

There are so many great things about Ohio State ATI that it is not fair to pick just one. If I had to pick one aspect of being a student on the ATI campus that is my favorite, it would probably be the small community feeling.

The small community aspect of the campus allows students to have professors that care about their students. This can be a huge advantage when needing help in a class or maybe even life advice. Since classes on the ATI campus are fairly small, it makes me feel more comfortable asking questions and not being afraid to go to the professors for help when needed. Additionally, knowing almost everyone in the class is a huge benefit. When it comes to doing a group project, you get to work on them with your friends or people you already know. Being on a smaller campus has also allowed me to make a lot of friends through living on campus and in classes. Some of these friends will more than likely turn into lifelong friendships.

Living on campus in the apartments and having a sense of community outside of the classroom is another reason why I love ATI. From going to events such as Bull Bash to just hanging out with friends or playing corn hole, campus living opens a whole new spectrum of opportunities. Living on campus is one way that I met most of my friends here at ATI. Overall, the small community aspect of Ohio State ATI makes the campus feel like home.

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