In The Field Friday: Raegan Alsept

Raegan Alsept, Heritage Cooperative

As a third-year agricultural communication student at Ohio State ATI, Raegan Alsept is interning with Heritage Cooperative. As their retail operations intern, Raegan’s summer has consisted of traveling to livestock shows across Ohio, while promoting all the brands they sell.

This internship has offered Raegan the best of both worlds. Raegan said, “I get the opportunity to travel in the show supply trailer, where I get to see how marketing and retail play a vital role in this industry. I also get to work in the retail stores, creating displays and building up my customer service skills.”

Raegan’s favorite part of her internship has been developing a new educational literature display for all the supplements Heritage carries. She has enjoyed traveling to different livestock shows, while building connections with exhibitors and their families.

In The Field Friday: Skyelar Rock

Skyelar Rock, Paint Valley Farms

Skyelar Rock is a third-year student at Ohio State ATI, studying animal sciences with a focus in beef. She is from Delaware, Ohio and is spending her summer with Paint Valley Farms, who breed and raise shorthorn cattle in Millersburg, Ohio. This internship opportunity was an easy “yes” for Skyelar, she says, “because of the opportunity to work with an established and successful beef breeding company.”

During her internship with Paint Valley Farms, Skyelar is learning from their current herd manager and assisting with ongoing farm projects. She was able to help with the in vitro fertilization (IVF) of two breeding heifers, about which she shared, “This was a first for myself and a relatively new practice for the farm.” IVF allows producers to utilize their operation’s top females throughout their reproductive life.

While completing her internship, she shares, “I hope to gain the general knowledge needed to work independently on a beef operation, including breeding practices, handling, and the logistics that go into running a herd. In addition, I hope to leave with a better understanding of the role that improved genetics plays in the industry.” Her advice to those starting college at Ohio State ATI is to use all your resources and not be afraid to ask about internship opportunities.

In The Field Friday: Olivia Looker

Olivia Looker,

As  a second-year agricultural communication student at Ohio State ATI, Olivia Looker is interning with Olivia is from Mt. Gilead, Ohio and chose to spend her summer with one of the largest known online agricultural auction sites.

Olivia chose this internship for many reasons. She knew she would have opportunities to travel and to make connections, all while growing as a professional with Her experiences have allowed her to manage social media accounts, to assist with event planning, and to travel around the United States to industry-leading shows and events.

Jumping right in and becoming part of a team with individuals she has never met before has been one of Olivia’s favorite memories. She also enjoys “seeing all the little kids at shows look up to me.” Olivia was hesitant to jump into an internship the summer after her first year of college, but she said “but I am so glad I did.”

In The Field Friday: Nick Colombo

Nick Colombo, Old Elm Club

Ohio State ATI second-year student, Nick Colombo, is enjoying his summer. Nick is from Columbus, Ohio and is majoring in turfgrass management. He is spending his summer interning with Old Elm Club in Highland Park, Illinois.

Nick chose Old Elm Club for his internship because of the positive things said by his former boss and colleagues. During his summer, he has been busy with multiple chemical applications, capillary concrete installation in bunkers, and nursery renovations.

Nick has gained many great skills through his internship that will be beneficial in his future. Old Elm Club has allowed him to grow, he says, all while “being part of a team and gaining new knowledge.” Nick enjoys that in his role he is treated like a manager, which allows him to take on many responsibilities. Nick states, “I feel this internship is shaping me to be successful in my career.”

In The Field Friday: Kylie Ramirez

Kylie Ramirez, Ohio Pork Council

Kylie Ramirez graduated from Ohio State ATI with an Associate of Science in Agricultural Communication. Ramirez will be starting at the Columbus campus in the fall where she will continue her agricultural communication major and minor in agricultural business.  She is from Holmes County, Ohio and is enjoying her summer with the Ohio Pork Council, which strives to serve and benefit Ohio pork producers.

Kylie chose to intern with OPC because of the wide range of opportunities it offers. As the Ohio Pork Council summer communications intern, she will assist with developing content across the organization’s digital and print platforms, highlighting producer and consumer-facing projects. She will also play an essential role in managing volunteers at the OPC state fair food stands and help with coordination of special events this summer.

During her time with OPC, Kylie has enjoyed helping with the golf outing and planning for the Ohio State Fair, all while learning more about Ohio’s pork industry. She would advise those younger to take advantage of opportunities to grow and connect with industry leaders.