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It’s time to fill out your CFAES scholarship application if you haven’t already!  The deadline is fast approaching: February 15, 2021!  While you are still able to apply after that date, you will only be considered for additional funds should they become available.  This means you need to apply by the February 15th deadline in order to have the best possible chance to receive scholarship gift money for the 2021-2022 academic year.  Here are a few tips for filling out the CFAES scholarship application.

Use the Correct Student ID Number!
When filling out your scholarship application, be sure to double check that you’ve typed in your student ID (9-digit number, usually beginning with 500 if you’ve enrolled in the past few years, found on your BuckID and the email you received after you submitted your application) correctly.  Your information is categorized electronically by this number, so if you accidentally type the number wrong, your application may not be processed correctly, if at all.

Use the Campus You Will be Attending in the Fall!
Make sure you’re selecting the correct location you’ll be attending NEXT FALL.  If you are starting your classes at ATI next fall or if you are a continuing student at ATI, make sure you select ATI/Wooster. If you are transitioning to Columbus in Autumn 2021 (after summer), you need to select the Columbus campus.  Many of our scholarships are based on which campus you’ll be attending.  If you select the wrong campus, you will not be in the correct selection pools, and any scholarships you have been awarded may be removed due to location.

Be Concise and Efficient When Writing!
When answering essay questions, there is a 300-word limit.  This means you need to be concise and efficient when answering.  For example, you may be answering a question about why you’ve chosen your major. Rather than tell a long story with a great deal of detail, give a few background details and focus on how that experience has impacted your major selection.

Focus on Highlights!
You may be asked to list accomplishments or achievements in a particular area of your life, such as volunteerism or 4-H.  Focus on recent highlights, or those that have had the greatest impact on your life.  If you list too much, it’s difficult for those reviewing to focus on your recent successes.

Apply Here!
Click the above link to access the scholarship form.

Do you have Questions?
Finally, if you make a mistake on your application or have any questions, contact and I will work with you to make sure everything is taken care of.

Best of luck!

Katie LeMasters
Academic Affairs
Program Coordinato

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