In the Field Friday: Brooke Bockey

By: Nicole McMullen

We are excited to highlight our current student, Brooke Bockey, from Spencerville, Ohio. Bockey is studying Animal Science with specializations in Animal Health and Swine at Ohio State ATI. This summer she gained experience in the swine industry. Bockey also served as an orientation ambassador helping new students acclimate to Ohio State ATI.

At Cooper Farms, Bockey interned in the sow division. Biosecurity was an important aspect of her internship as she traveled to different sow, gilt, and piglet barns. Recording ear notches, quality of semen, and availability of pens for piglets were some of her responsibilities. Bockey improved the animals’ health by working to limit the amount of moisture in the pens for gilts, as well.

She would like students to know it is not too early to look for an internship for next summer. Furthermore, when in the interview, it is important to be completely honest with the interviewer. Bockey adds, “Try to gain as much information and knowledge as you can!”

To learn more about the swine facility at Ohio State ATI visit,

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