In the Field Friday: Owen Greene

By: Nicole McMullen

The “In the Field Friday” for this week features 2020 Ohio State ATI graduate, Owen T. Greene. He earned an Associate of Science in Animal Science. Owen is from Jackson, Ohio; however, he has relocated to Valentine, Nebraska, for his internship this summer.

Valentine is home to D6 Lantana Ranch, located in the Northern Sandhills of Nebraska. Through his internship, Owen is learning to run a beef cattle ranch, which has calves, cows, and bulls. He is tasked with branding, vaccinating, and tagging calves to maintain animal health. Owen drives cattle weekly. Other than working with cattle, Owen is assigned fence maintenance, hay baling, and resolution of diesel mechanic issues, as needed.

“Never hold yourself back from an opportunity! You are just beginning a new chapter in your life, and by all means, try everything and do not take anything for granted,” says Owen. “Also, always put in 110% and go above and beyond every single minute of every day, and you will be successful!”

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