“Who are You Talking To?” Tuesday-Program Excel

Program Excel Staff

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Students use Program Excel for a variety of resources—all individualized for each student’s needs and interests. Some of the resources include: a personal academic mentor for college navigation and making a great college experience, an early trip to Ohio State’s Columbus campus to tour our college and experience a day on campus, professional coaching to prep you for difficult college courses, scholarship (free money) searches, personal career preparation, and much more.

There are several groups of staff members at Ohio State ATI that work very closely together. One such group is our Program Excel staff, who help students in a multitude of ways!​​ Program Excel has been in place at Ohio State ATI for over 30 years. It is funded by a US Department of Education TRIO grant. We have seven Program Excel staff members, who have a combined 97 years of experience at Ohio State ATI!

When asked about the benefits of coming to college, the Program Excel staff agrees that it is “an investment for the future you, academically and with the connections you make.” They explain, “College gives you the opportunity to get great preparation for your career and enrich yourself personally. You will benefit from this experience for the rest of your life.” They also advise students to come to college ready to try new activities and to utilize campus services.

Our Program Excel staff’s favorite thing about Ohio State ATI is our students! They love getting to know them, learning about their interests, and finding out where their college paths takes them. Program Excel will be reaching out to students in late July or early August, so watch your BuckeyeMail email for their message!

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