“Who are You Talking To?” Tuesday-Joy Rumble, Ph.D.

By: Emily Bookless

Joy Rumble, PhD

Joy Rumble, Ph.D.

Joy Rumble, PhD, is Ohio State ATI’s assistant professor in the Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership (ACEL) program. In addition to being a professor, she is also a graduate of Ohio State ATI.

Rumble majored in Animal Science before switching to Agricultural Communication during her master’s program. She found the agricultural communication field to be a place where you can understand how people form opinions about the agricultural industry and how to better communicate with them about industry practices. “The program was fulfilling because I was able to help people understand agriculture,” said Rumble.

In 2018, she had the opportunity to come back home to Ohio State ATI and work where her education journey had begun. Rumble decided to pursue this career because her research makes students’ learning richer, and learning from her students makes her research better. “Sharing the knowledge I have gained with future agricultural communicators is a service I can provide to the industry,” said Rumble.

In her role, Rumble advises students who are majoring in Agricultural Communication or Community Leadership. She teaches Introduction to Agricultural Communication and Data Analysis in the Applied Sciences at Ohio State ATI.

Slide at the Secrest Arboretum

Slide at the Secrest Arboretum

Her advice for new students is to get involved early. “Think about opportunities to get practical hands-on learning experience,” said Rumble, “See how you can make a positive difference in the communities around you.”

The Ohio State ATI campus is full of endless opportunities. Rumble said, “This a campus where we get to see students blossom in the ACEL program. Students will make lifelong friendships at this campus.”

Rumble’s favorite things about Ohio State ATI as a student were the hands-on learning experiences, being able to work at the farm, and the smaller class sizes. As a faculty member, Rumble was excited to come back and highlight the potential that Wooster students have and to help them believe in themselves.

Rumble tries to balance hard work with fun. She will never turn down the opportunity to race you to the slide found at the Secrest Arboretum, located next door to campus at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center.

In the Field Friday: Stephanie Schuck

By: Nicole McMullen

Stephanie Schuck is from Ashland, Ohio. She graduated from Ohio State ATI in 2015 with an Associate of Science in Dairy Science. During her time at ATI, she interned with Wolf Family Dairy located in Creston, Ohio. Rick Wolf, former ATI professor and owner, has recently sold the cows and quit milking.

Case Farms Chicken hired Stephanie in March of 2016. By December of 2018, she was promoted to senior broiler flock supervisor. She has recently been awarded the “30 Under 30” award at the 2020 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE). IPPE is a large event where people come from around the world to network and learn about the latest technological developments in the poultry, meat, and feed industry.

Stephanie advises students to stay positive during job hunting and to step out of your comfort zone. “I never thought I would be working with chickens,” says Stephanie. “However, my dairy degree actually helped prepare me for the mindset of dealing with my growers, and it gave me an understanding of the importance of routine when working with animals. I also relate to a lot of growers because many of them have gone from dairy farming to growing chickens.”

We would like to congratulate Stephanie on her award! To learn more about our two dairy degrees at Ohio State ATI visit, ati.osu.edu/dairy-cattle-production-management and ati.osu.edu/animal-sciences/dairy-specialization.

In the Field Friday: Frank Becker

By: Nicole McMullen

This week we are featuring Ohio State ATI alumnus Frank Becker, from Smithville, Ohio. He received two degrees from ATI, an Associate of Science in Sustainable Agriculture in 2018 and an Associate of Science in Agronomy the following year. This year he earned his Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Plant Systems with a specialization in Agronomy from The Ohio State University Columbus campus.

Frank is currently employed by the Ohio State University Extension for Wayne County as the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program coordinator. Revitalizing the IPM program is his primary assignment. For this, he will be working with agronomic, fruit, and vegetable growers to make sure that their needs are met and continue to build and reinforce strong working relationships between growers, OARDC specialists, and the Extension program.

Frank explains how networking is important to establish a network and how having professionalism plays an important role in your long-term success. “Getting involved, having conversations, and building up your reputation within your perspective field are great ways to get your name out there,” said Frank, “and great ways to make connections with the right people.”

Ohio State ATI’s hands-on experience is appreciated by Frank. He also added, “I am very excited to begin my career in Extension with Ohio State and this fall marry my fiancé, Hannah, who also graduated from ATI!”

We would like to congratulate Frank on his engagement! To learn more about how to turn an associate degree to a bachelor’s degree visit, ati.osu.edu/pathways.

“Who are You Talking To?” Tuesday-Krista Scott, CFAES Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Student Engagement

Ohio State ATI is the Wooster campus of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) at The Ohio State University. We work closely with faculty and staff across the college, including those at the Columbus campus. One such individual is Krista Scott, the Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Student Engagement.

Even though she works on the Columbus campus, her position allows her to talk to students and their families about the various Ohio State options available on the campuses. She has  many occasions to partner with faculty and staff on the Wooster campus in our on-campus recruitment efforts and events across the state and the nation. She also has a role in welcoming students to the Columbus campus who chose to start their Buckeye journey at Ohio State ATI or the other regional campuses.

When asked what her favorite part about Ohio State ATI is, Krista stated, “My favorite thing about the Wooster campus is the facilities. Often, I meet families who are concerned about gaining hands-on experience that will prepare them for life after college. They are often stunned and excited to learn about all of the ways that laboratory and learning spaces in Wooster will create one-of-a-kind academic experiences. I won’t lie…I brag about it often!”

Currently, due to COVID-19, in-person visits to Ohio State ATI are not available, through at least July 6, as we prioritize the health and safety of our guests, students, faculty, and staff. However, we are doing our best to bring Ohio State ATI to you! Check out our “Resources for New Buckeyes @ Ohio State ATI” page to see all of the ways you can learn about our campus!

We cannot wait to have our students, faculty, staff, and guests back on campus! Krista shares that our “World-class facilities, dedicated faculty, and student engagement activities allow students to make personal connections with their peers and the community.” Although, these connections our continuing in today’s virtual environment, we are looking forward to the day when we have our Buckeyes back in Wooster!

118 ATI Buckeyes named to the 2020 Spring Semester Dean’s List

Congratulations to the 118 ATI Buckeyes who were named to the CFAES Dean’s List for the 2020 Spring Semester. Students who had a minimum of 12 graded credit hours with a GPA of 3.5 or higher for any given term will be named to the Dean’s List for that term in the college in which they are enrolled.

Gage Airhart*

Kallie Allen

Jason Althaus

Bridget Ambonchi

Patrick Andrews

Eric Barbey

Isabella Beam

Thomas Becker

Mason Benschoter

Maranda Berger

Ross Black

Chad Bostic

Drake Cleghorn

Karter Converse

Courtney Cooper

Andrew Dannemiller

Allison Davis

Taylor Dawson

Morgan DeSmith

Austin Dotterer*

Dylan Doty

Zachary Drozdz

Lydia Dunaway*

Seldon Dyer

Tyler Edwards

Courtney Espenschied

Ashley Garlick

Gabriella Gonzalez

Delisa Goodman

Abbiegail Greer

Natalie Guisinger

Sydney Hales

Heath Hamer

Hannah Harmon

Gage Harris

Ashley Hawvermale

Shelby Helm*

Tyler Hephner

Cody Herman

Hannah Herr

Brock Horn

Andrew Houseman

Jonathan Hutson

Alissa Hysong

Rachel Kahle

Alec Kaiser

Anthony Kanel*

Thane Kaufman

Jacob Keller

Rachel Kilpatrick

Jacob Kirkland

Wyatt Kissell*

Samuel Kluender

Camden Koleno

Grace Koppelman

Courtney Krieger

Marissa Lamp

Lisa Leienberger*

Alexandra Liskai

Benjamin Lowe

Mark Lowe

John Luckey

Sharlene MacAleese

Sean Magers

Reese Mangas

Abigail Maniskas

Paige Marshall*

Corey May

Grace McCrea

Nicole McMullen

Macee Mercure

Jessica Mermer

Kayleigh Metz

Leah Miller

Robert Miller

Margaret Miller

Megan Moodt

Chloe Myers

Abby Niese

Jonna Nissen

Stephanie Novak

Patrick Parker*

Ryan Patton

Cara Pauley

David Payne

Colin Poling

Avyriel Pollock

Kenneth Ramsier*

Alexa Rednour

LeAnn Regula

Audrey Renner

Olivia Rinesmith

Kendra Risner

Don Sabella

Hunter Sandwisch

Austin Schmitmeyer

Chasidy Schmucker

James Schon*

Clayton Scott

Andrew Settlemyre

Benjamin Sheaffer

Samuel Shilling

Grant Shook*

Rachel Sievers*

Emily Singleton

Donald Smith

Hannah Sommers

Hannah Strock

Case Swartz

Alayna Teiga*

Wyatt Tom

Greg Vanaman

Adam Wagner

Shaeley Warner

Matthew Wiley

Kristen Winstanley

Kaylie Wittekind

Austen Wood*

*denotes 4.0 GPA for this semester

In the Field Friday: Courtney Krieger

By: Nicole McMullen

This summer’s first In the Field Friday is Courtney Krieger from Wauseon, Ohio. She graduated from Ohio State ATI this past spring with an Associate of Science degree in Agribusiness. She will be transitioning to the Columbus campus this fall to continue onto a Bachelor’s degree.

This summer, she is interning with Nutrien Ag Solutions. For the internship, she works with other interns to monitor a field plot over the summer. Some of the tasks include soil and tissue sampling, deliveries, and building customer relationships.

Courtney’s advice for incoming students is simple. “Live in the moment,” said Kreiger. “We have seen this year how fast things can be taken, so enjoy your time in school and build as many memories as possible.”

Courtney also recommends internships and jobs throughout your college career. She believes that they help you immensely when it comes to networking within your desired industry.

Another aspect that she believes is important is getting involved and being active in your college career through clubs and organizations. “Creating relationships with your professors and peers will be a great step in building your future,” said Krieger. “And never forget – Go Bucks!”


To learn more about an Associate of Science in Agribusiness, https://ati.osu.edu/agribusiness-food-business-management