“Who are You Talking To?” Tuesday-Shari Peart, Professor

By: Emily Bookless

Shari Peart is one of Ohio State ATI’s full-time associated faculty and an Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership program advisor. Peart completed her undergraduate degree at Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma. She then completed her graduate program at Regent University in Virginia. Peart started her career doing free-lance writing until she moved back to Ohio.

“I love everything about communications and how it is versatile,” said Peart, “I felt that it would open many doors for me, and it sure has.”

Mrs. Peart grew up in Wayne County and has always been a Wayne County girl at heart. In 1997 she began teaching at Ohio State ATI and in 2014 she took on a full-time position.

Her advice for new students is to not be shy and to grab everything with both hands. “If there is something you are good at and love, take that passion into your career and make the best out of it,” said Peart.

Her favorite part of the ATI campus is her office because it creates a safe environment that allows her to understand and get to know the students better. “It is a beautiful extension of learning,” said Peart.

Peart balances work with time at her and her husband’s cottage on a lake in Canada. She loves to cook and hopes to write her own cookbook someday!