Need to study? Pick your spot!

by Matt Roth

One thing you might ask yourself as a new student on campus is, “Where can I find a place to study?” Here at Ohio State ATI, there are many readily available places to sit down and look over your material. We also have many resources available for any kind of help you might need to succeed in your classes.

ATI Library

First, let’s talk about the library. There are many great things in the library to help you study effectively. There is a quiet study area, has a distraction-free zone (and napping station!) A computer lab with desktop computers and many study tables are for your use whether you’re studying solo or with your friends and classmates. In addition to the tables, there are two group study sets which allows you to plug in your iPad or computer and project the information onto a TV and allow your whole group to work together and be on the same page.

Directly outside of the library is a small area that has tables and couches that some students use for a study space. This is a nice place to study, as there are typically not many students so it’s usually quiet with few distractions.

Learning Lab

Another great study space is the learning lab. This is a place where students can go for any tutoring they might need or just a place to study. There are computers in the learning lab and lots of comfortable furniture that makes for good studying. You can’t concentrate if you’re not comfortable! There is also a learning lab in the housing office which is usually open later in the evenings. This is a place students can come if they cannot focus in their apartments and want a little more solitude.

Student Success Services is a great spot – and not just for studying. Here, you will find anything that you need to succeed throughout school. There are professional tutors, counseling services, computers, soundproof rooms, and more. Students can go there for any help they might need and to study with no distractions.

Skou Lounge

The most popular lounge at ATI is Skou Lounge. Here you will find lots of comfortable furniture and many places to study. It’s a good place to study for those commuting or living off campus.

When the weather is right, going outside to study is always a nice thing to do. Behind the greenhouses, there is a shade garden with benches and picnic tables. Next door to ATI is Secrest Arboretum, which has various places to study, and if you need a break, you can take a walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

If you are someone who just likes studying by themselves and can tune out distractions, studying in your apartment is also an option. You might feel most comfortable there and, with the great Wi-Fi, you can make use of all kinds of online study resources.

Discovering what type of study works best for you will help you do your best. Whatever your style is, ATI has a study location that matches.

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