“Who are You Talking to?” Tuesday-Jodie Holava, Student Activities Coordinator

Jodie HolavaJodie Holava is Ohio State ATI’s new Student Activities Coordinator. Her background is in collegiate coaching, but here at ATI she facilitates many campus activities. She tries to provide a variety of options, so that everyone can find something they enjoy doing.

As Jodie says, the only way to know if you like something is to try it! Her biggest advice to a prospective student is to, “Try it all! You want to join a student group? Go for it! Go on a trip to visit someplace you’ve never been? Why not!  It may be uncomfortable and something you’ve never done before, but that’s how you learn and grow!”

Some of the activities students take part in are through campus organizations, from clubs within your major, to the Hoof-n-Hide Club, to the ATI CommunityLaser Tag Choir. Many ATI students participate in Collegiate 4-H and Collegiate FFA. We also have a variety of intramural sport leagues and tournaments, including traditional sports such as volleyball, kickball, and basketball, as well as unconventional intramurals such as laser tag and euchre.

ATI’s Student Activities Center also hosts events such as craft nights, karaoke, and trivia. In addition, there are opportunities to grow as a leader through attending Lunch with Leaders sessions. Lastly, students have the opportunity to give back by volunteering with service activities such as the local Habitat for Humanity. You can learn more about some of the activities Ohio State ATI offers here.

Craft NightJodie has been with ATI for only about four months, and her favorite part of ATI is how welcoming everyone has been. She says, “I guess you can consider me a ‘new student’ too, and from the first time I stepped on campus, it felt warm and inviting. Every person I met said ‘Hello!’ with a smile, and it has been the same ever since. ATI definitely makes you quickly feel part of the family!”

We would love for you to be part of the ATI family! Please consider visiting campus soon!


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