14 Reasons We Love Ohio State ATI

Ohio State ATI students gave their reasons on why they love ATI; here are their responses:

14. Food in Wooster

The Guerne Drive-In is a hot place to cool down for students of ATI. Best milkshakes in Wayne County!




13. Therapy Dogs (Including Finn)

Therapy dogs are a huge hit here at ATI. Students love to interact with the animals on campus, especially Finn who can be seen walking around the campus daily.






12. Home Away from Home

Ohio State ATI is not just any college — it is a home away from home. This is a place where students get to create new friendships. With ATI being a small campus, everybody knows everybody, which adds to the comfort factor of being away from home.


11. Ladies in the Bookstore

Margie and Becky play one of the most important roles on this campus. Although they are here to sell students their books and supplies, they are also there for a great conversation and laugh. These ladies work hard to ensure that the students have what they need to succeed in the classroom.


10. Fun and Engaging Faculty

The faculty members at ATI are very outgoing. They really like to interact and mingle with the students. The faculty does a great job of ensuring that the students are succeeding and will help them find any help when it’s needed.




9. Hands-on Learning

One of the biggest perks of coming to Ohio State ATI is hands-on learning. Students learn at the farms, in the greenhouses and equipment labs, on turf plots, and lots of other locations around campus. This prepares students for real-life situations.


8. Made-to-Order Food from Café Carmen

Café Carmen is a very hot spot on campus. No cafeteria line here. Your food is made to order, so you have lots of choices! With a meal plan, ordering your chicken fingers and fries is a whole lot easier.



7. Free Laundry and Parking

Who doesn’t love free laundry? Here at ATI, we have it. A large laundry room offers multiple washers and dryers. Along with free laundry, we offer free parking. Save hundreds of dollars by not buying a parking pass. This makes taking care of everyday needs is just that much easier.



6. Small Class Sizes

The small class sizes at ATI are something that makes learning a lot easier. With small class sizes, you can focus more, and the professors notice more of the things you do (or don’t do!).



5. Because I am a Name and not a Number

This line means a lot: “Because I am a name and not a number.” Professors do not just consider you another number in their class. They take the time to learn your name and reach out to you to offer guidance or help.


4. Competitive Intramurals at the SAC

Intramurals are big here at ATI. From football to volleyball, we offer nearly everything. This gives students who have that competitive edge a chance to compete against others who have that same drive.


3. Supportive Staff and Campus Community


Ohio State ATI has such a supportive campus community. Everyone wants to see the students succeed. They are more than willing to go the extra mile for students who need help with a specific question. If someone doesn’t know the answer, they will surely find someone who does.


2. Great Foundation for a Career

Ohio State ATI is a great foundation for a career. You can enter the workforce right after graduation, or you can transition to Columbus to complete a bachelor’s degree.



1. Being Part of the Cornerstone College of The Ohio State University: 150 years of Access, Affordability, and Excellence.

Ohio State University was founded 150 years ago as the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College. That’s why the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Science claims its spot as the Cornerstone College. From our humble beginnings providing practical education for common folk, we’ve grown to be one of the top-ranked public universities in the U.S. and remain committed to affordability and access.

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