In Field Friday: Justin Taylor


Meet this week’s In Field Friday, Justin Taylor. Justin is from Lancaster, Ohio and is a current student at ATI. He is studying animal sciences with a specialization in beef. He is currently working two summer internships with Muskingum Livestock Auction Co. in Zanesville, Ohio and at Ruff Farms in Malta, Ohio.

There’s no such thing as a normal day of work for Justin—every day brings something different to the table. On most days his tasks include sorting off fat cattle for the different livestock auctions that happen at Muskingum Livestock, along with assisting with the flow of the different sales that take place at the sale barn by helping load and unload trucks.

On slow days at the sale barn, Justin shifts to his other job at Ruff Farms. There Justin helps with the making of hay and other farm tasks that need completed. One of Justin’s favorite things to do is ride around with his boss at the sale barn and learn about different aspects of the beef cattle industry.

Justin’s advice for future students is to take college seriously but still remember to have fun once in a while. “Make sure you get off to a good start with college. Having a decent GPA after my first two semesters really helped me once I started taking more difficult classes. With that, be sure you still make time for friends, clubs and a little bit of fun to help you handle the stress of college.”

Justin had one more piece of advice for all of us: “One of our biggest responsibilities as people who are looking for a career in agriculture is educating consumers, especially in animal agriculture. I always try to take any opportunity I have to discuss the beef industry and my involvement in it. You can really change a person’s point of view when they see how passionate you are about what you do and that you’re willing to answer any questions they may have.”

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