10 Things Every Incoming Freshman Should Know About College

by Sophie Hoelscher

When I graduated from high school, I really didn’t have an idea of what to expect before college. I was excited to start, but I didn’t know the ways of Ohio State ATI, I didn’t know if I’d like my roommates, and I didn’t know how classes would be. The transition from high school to college may seem overwhelming because there are so many different things to keep in mind for your next chapter in life.

Sometimes it can be hard to get advice about what college is really like. Here are a few things I think every incoming freshman should keep in mind about college and Ohio State ATI to be as prepared as possible while moving into college:

Apply for every scholarship! 

The OSU ATI scholarship application is due February 1st. Most scholarship applications require simple essays. Although it may take some time and thought, there isn’t anything to lose, only something to (hopefully) gain.

Get to know your Academic Advisor.

Your academic advisor should be your right-hand man or woman. Anywhere from help with classes, life, scheduling, or references, academic advisors are always a helping hand. They can also open network opportunities!

Go to ALL your classes.

I know it’s tempting to skip those pesky 8 a.m. classes, but you’re paying for your education so be sure to make the most of it! Your professor may provide class participation points, attendance points, certain notes, and maybe even bonus points that might be available if you go to class. Your grade might depend on it.

Get involved!

Ohio State ATI has many opportunities to get involved. Through clubs, student activities, and jobs, there’s almost always something going on. So don’t stay in your apartment all day. Get out and make new friends!

Find a good calendar.

Whether it’s a physical calendar or online, put all your classes, exams, due dates, study times, and work times into a portable planner and keep it handy so you can always be aware of what’s going on. You don’t want to miss something important.

Try not to over pack.

A typical freshman apartment is a two-bedroom apartment for five people, so there isn’t much room for your ENTIRE closet from home. But if you really think you need that 5th pair of Twisted Xs at your apartment, find ways to organize your stuff to save space.

Make time for work and play.

College can be stressful, so don’t overwork yourself. Remember to make time for both school and personal life. Did you know that for every hour spent in class, you should spend two hours studying?

Naps are OK but not essential.

Use your extra time more productively. An occasional nap is okay, but don’t take one every chance you can get. Manage your time well and take advantage of your free time to study.

Learn how to cook.

You can’t live off ramen and chicken nuggets forever! Learning to cook can save money, but budget for going out to eat occasionally. There are some great places to eat in Wooster!

Don’t forget where you came from. As you form your new college life, don’t forget things that made you happy, your hometown, your high school, your county, or your home friends and family. They helped you get this far!

Throughout my first year at Ohio State ATI, I’ve learned a lot of things during class and out of class. Making sure I was prepared going into it helped me a lot. I think this is some advice about what college can really be like. Ohio State ATI is a melting pot of Ohio’s ag students. We all come from different walks along agriculture, but we are brought together because of one thing:  our love for agriculture. So go make friends and study hard! It’s up to you to make your freshman year amazing.

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