Digital Union VIP Tour

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Alright, let’s get this out of the way. This wasn’t a VIP tour in the traditional sense…no paparazzi hounded us, no bottles were popped…there was a red carpet though!

Today, we were lucky enough to get a little sneak peak of the new Digital Union (DU) in the basement of Denny Hall! If you haven’t had a chance to utilize a DU on campus, you are missing out. Currently, spread across campus, are four DU’s that offer the FREE use of iMacs (fully equipped with whatever software you may need).

Digital Union in Enarson lookin’ all shiny for its soft launch!


However, the newest Digital Union in Denny is a different animal entirely. Besides an amazing conference room, the Denny DU contains a creative’s dream space!

Hot Trax

Step inside a fully equipped recording studio, complete with top-of-the-line gear and with acoustics designed by music industry pros!

Calling all Beyonce's and Jay-Z's!

Calling all Bey’s and Jay’s!

Cool Vidz

Need to record a video for a class project? Just want to film yourself running away from a massive boulder like Indiana Jones? All of this is possible, and more, in the Denny DU one-touch recording space! With one press of the touchscreen control panel, you can be filmed and lit like a pro. Complete with three 1080p cameras, professional lighting rigs, and a green screen; YouTube fame is at your fingertips!

In this scene, Steve scores the game-winning touchdown against That School Up North. Still waiting on post-production…

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President--Alex Rich

President–Alex Rich
Rank: Senior
Major: Management Information Systems
Favorite App: Evernote

Vice President--Ben Rosen

Vice President–Ben Rosen
Rank: Senior
Major: Political Science
Favorite App: Alien Blue


You’ve reached the official blog of the Buckeye Tech Forum, a student-run organization dedicated to furthering the use of new technologies on and off campus!

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VIPs for the first meeting include:

Mike Hoffher, Chief Information Officer @ tOSU

Liv Gjestvang, Associate VP for Learning Technology @tOSU

Diane Dagefoerde, Deputy Chief Information Officer @tOSU