To Freshman, with <3

Dear Freshman,

Oh, to be young again. To walk the Oval with nary a care. Studying and exams seem to be but a blip on your collective horizon…Excuse me while I excrete senior-tears into my legally purchased, adult beverage.

Big boy tears.

Alright, I’m OK now…

I know you all have been inundated with a seemingly endless barrage of “Freshman Tips and Tricks”,  so I’ll be short. I present to you my two rules of freshman year:

Rule #1: If you need help, ask for it.

Seriously people. Ask questions, it’s what college is for! You’ll find most people around OSU are ready, willing and able to help you; whether that be for tutoring, directions to your next lecture, which class to take, ect. Everyone here has been in your shoes at some point and they don’t smell that bad.

Are you guys too young to remember this movie?

Rule #2: Go to class!

Another no brainer, but I know what it is like to be fresh out of highschool, where you were locked inside an educational prision from 7am-2pm every day. You have a ton of freedom now…use it, but don’t abuse it. Not going to classes is like going to the most expensive restaurant in town, ordering a filet mignon w/ all the fixins and then not eating it!

That’s it everyone. If you follow my two rules, I can guarantee…actually I can’t, but I’m pretty sure that if you follow them you’ll have a much easier go of this whole freshman year thing.

Not that you’ll need it 🙂