Spring (Semester) Has Sprung!

Hey all!
It’s been a while and we apologize for that. For the past month, Ben had his hand stuck in a vending machine. If you’re concerned, don’t be. His hand is fine and he got a free Snickers bar out of it.
During Ben’s forced imprisonment, the leadership team continued to hold meetings and we’ve been hard at work planning for the new year. That being said, we have a bevy of exciting events to look forward to this semester!
University Supported Meetings:
The Future of Classroom & Mobile Technologies
Interactive Student Sessions
3-D Printing Demo & Digital Union Tour
  • Enarson Digital Union: TBD
TechHub Workshop & Product Demo
  • TechHub: TBD
For all of these wonderful events to work, we need one thing…YOU! The Buckeye Tech Forum is putting a call out to all Buckeyes:
ring ring…
Hello, we want YOU to join the BTF leadership team as a representative for your major/department!”
Representatives will participate in special leadership meetings to be held monthly, where your input will help form the direction of our organization.

If interested please fill out the form below and we will get back to you!

Buckeye Tech Forum Leadership Application

The BTF Team is currently recruiting students to fill positions in the leadership board and department representative system. Representatives will report on student technology initiatives respective to their academic department. After submission of this form you will be contacted by a member of the BTF. This application is open to all undergraduate and graduate students. Applications are due by March 8th.

Role Desired

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Welcome to the Official Buckeye Tech Forum Website


President--Alex Rich

President–Alex Rich
Rank: Senior
Major: Management Information Systems
Favorite App: Evernote

Vice President--Ben Rosen

Vice President–Ben Rosen
Rank: Senior
Major: Political Science
Favorite App: Alien Blue


You’ve reached the official blog of the Buckeye Tech Forum, a student-run organization dedicated to furthering the use of new technologies on and off campus!

Have questions?

Have ideas on how to make Ohio State Tech work FOR THE STUDENTS?

 Join us September 11th @ 6pm in Stillman Hall for FREE PIZZA and LIVELY DISCUSSION! Worried that your ideas won’t do anything? Rest assured, we invited just the right people!

VIPs for the first meeting include:

Mike Hoffher, Chief Information Officer @ tOSU

Liv Gjestvang, Associate VP for Learning Technology @tOSU

Diane Dagefoerde, Deputy Chief Information Officer @tOSU