Building a Stronger Student Org with U.OSU

Being a part of a student organization is a juggling act. Student leadership has to deal with everything from the planning of events to the ever important recruitment. Throw on top of that a healthy dose of internal politics and it’s enough to make any student’s head swim.

We here at the Buckeye Tech Forum understand your struggles and just like that overly-flirtatious guy across the hall, we’re here to help.

But, like, in a totally not creepy way.


More specifically, U.OSU, the professional blogging service now available FOR FREE to any Ohio State student, is here to help! Did we mention that it’s super easy to use? If we didn’t, we apologize, but we’re super-cereal when we say that U.OSU is the easiest way to combine the quick communication of Twitter and the traditional posting ability of WordPress.

That being said, here are a few tips and tricks from a fellow student org that will help you to easily and effectively utilize the greatness that is U.OSU!

 Twitter Integration

Twitter. Is. Everywhere. In 140 characters (or less) you can get your org’s message out to thousands with a tap or click. But sometimes what you have to say goes beyond that character limit. Maybe you want to post the minutes from your last meeting, but unless you’re using some crazy form of short-hand, it’s going to be quite difficult to fit it in one tweet. Instead, try tweeting a link to your U.OSU post containing said minutes. That will help drive traffic to your site, all while keeping interested parties in the loop with all your student org going-ons.

On the subject of Twitter, I bet you don’t know just how easy it is to integrate your Twitter feed into your U.OSU page! Luckily, our friends at the ODEE Resource Center have already posted an easy to follow how-to guide.


Another helpful feature for racking up those page views is the ‘tag option’. Just like other social media services, U.OSU offers the ability to attach key words and phrases to your post.

As I’m sure you already know, tags are a great way to categorize your posts and draw additional page views from those who are interested in similar topics. 

 One-click Sharing  

Look at any article on any webpage. See those social media icons at the top and bottom of the article? Those are helpful little buttons that allow you to share the latest BuzzFeed list with your army of followers.

Now, with U.OSU, you have the ability to add that same functionality to all of your posts, making it easy for your viewers to share your latest post all across the interwebs!

To do this is very simple and again, our friends at ODEE have put together a video guide on how to add this awesome function to your page!


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