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President--Alex Rich

President–Alex Rich
Rank: Senior
Major: Management Information Systems
Favorite App: Evernote

Vice President--Ben Rosen

Vice President–Ben Rosen
Rank: Senior
Major: Political Science
Favorite App: Alien Blue


You’ve reached the official blog of the Buckeye Tech Forum, a student-run organization dedicated to furthering the use of new technologies on and off campus!

Have questions?

Have ideas on how to make Ohio State Tech work FOR THE STUDENTS?

┬áJoin us September 11th @ 6pm in Stillman Hall for FREE PIZZA and LIVELY DISCUSSION! Worried that your ideas won’t do anything? Rest assured, we invited just the right people!

VIPs for the first meeting include:

Mike Hoffher, Chief Information Officer @ tOSU

Liv Gjestvang, Associate VP for Learning Technology @tOSU

Diane Dagefoerde, Deputy Chief Information Officer @tOSU




5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Official Buckeye Tech Forum Website

    • Hi Viral, we will add you to our mailing list! To join the org, join us on September 11th in Stillman Hall (room 145) at 6PM for free pizza and the chance to have your opinions heard by Ohio State’s Chief Information Office, Mike Hoffher! See you there!

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