Meet Angie!

Cleveland, OH

Class Year & Major (Start Year at OSU):
Fall of 2020; Biomedical Engineering

What motivated you to go to college?
I always knew that I wanted to make a career for myself. If I’m being honest the only
way for me to achieve the job that I want is to pursue higher education and earn a
degree. I also attended a high school where the curriculum was made to prepare
students like me for college so I always had that extra boost of support.

Best takeaway from your participation in BFSP? This program made me feel worthy enough to do better
despite going through a pandemic and helped me be optimistic. Another takeaway from
this year is I now know I’m not alone in trying to find my way through this college
journey and doing things virtually isn’t all that bad.
How has your first-gen identity helped you find success during your college
My first-gen identity has helped me succeed by empowering me to go harder for what I
want. Being a first-gen student has humbled me and allowed me to realize that I can be
a leader and set an example of what it means to overcome hardships. I use my first-gen
identity as fuel to keep going even when things get challenging.
What would you tell your freshman self?
I would tell my freshman self that she did a great job and got a lot accomplished in just
one year. My freshman self would know that she can conquer anything as long as she
puts her mind to it because not only did I successfully finish my first year of college, but
I managed to do it while the world was changing around me due to covid-19. I would
remind my freshman self just how impressive she is.
What has been the best thing about your college experience?
The best thing about my college experience is being able to get a higher education
while knowing that I don’t have to worry too much about student tuition because I
worked hard to make sure expenses were covered. Not only that, but I also found a
good support system in my BFSP community that will provide me resources to
accomplish whatever it is I need to get done.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Personally and/or professionally?
In five years I see myself in the corporate world with my career in STEM helping others
one step at a time through technology. Five years from now I see myself taking
advantage of every single opportunity that comes my way and benefits my profession.
Personally, I see myself maturing into the woman that I work hard to be every day and
settling into what makes my life complete.