10 Students of the Student Center

Written by Shannon Niedzwicki, Director of the Alber Student Center.


As the semester comes to an end, and my first year at the marion campus is wrapping up, it is a great time to reflect on the student center and the awesome students that come in here. This campus has such a wide array of student personalities, majors, and interests. It has been a great year; I am lucky to be able to work closely with these students. Here are the ten students of the student center:

  1. The sleeper: This student you will catch sleeping in the student center after a big test, before class or during free time. They are usually on the couches or in the classroom.
  2. The world is their stage: These students will break out in song and dance at the drop of a dime. They usually have their own open mic days and plan flash mobs for the campus. They keep the student center in a great mood.
  3. The debaters:  You do not want to get into a political talk with this student. They are fierce. They strive to make change a global level and will do everything they can to get there.
  4. The engineer: This is the studious student. They are always here early in the morning and have either their math book, calculator, or laptop out. The person is usually the more responsible role model for the student center.
  5. The gamer: You will find this group of students in the office behind marion campus recreation. They get there early, and close the building down with the staff. They know everything about gaming systems, software and local restaurants.
  6. The participator: This student is down for anything. They always participate in intramural sports, the climbing wall, and anything going on in the student center. They are also known as the cheerleader of the group.
  7. Too cool for school: When talking to this student you may think they don’t like the marion campus or college in general; however they are always getting involved, they hang out at the student center all day, and they volunteer when needed.
  8. The athlete: This student is the all-around sports player. They will do anything that has a prize attached to it; the more competitive the better. You will always find this student participating in intramural sports.
  9. The veteran: You will find these student in our veterans lounge located in the Student Center. They are usually wearing a patriotic shirt and try spread awareness of their organization in the best way possible.
  10. The nontraditional: This student did not take the traditional track to college. They come into the student center when it is convenient for them; they usually have a full time job or a family at home to provide for.

Next year we will have new students; maybe some more engineers, maybe a few more participators, but all in all, the memories these kids make in the short time they are here will last a lifetime.

Cheers to a new year!


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