Poetry Behind the Scenes

So if you haven’t made it to the library this month yet you might not know that it’s National Poetry Month! The library is taking full advantage of this month! Along with a 2 displays in the Library Classroom building (one featuring the Cornfield Review and the other a Poet-Tree), there’s also a pop up display featuring some poetry books by faculty members, display cubes of famous poets, a children’s literature display, and the main attraction: Magnetic poetry!

Located right in front of the circulation desk there are two magnetic boards with countless little word magnets just waiting for you to come and create your own poem. I’ve spent quite a bit of time arranging and re-arranging words, and laughing with co-workers and patrons alike about random word mashups that sort of just come together on their own. Not only is this entertaining but I find myself sitting in front of the words and just feeling calm. There’s something soothing about a bunch of random words right in front of you sometimes, I guess.

So how did this great activity come to be? The credit goes to supervisor Deanna Bachtell. Deanna has been on board with the Campus Library 5  and 1/2 years as a student worker and 4 years as a Library Associate. Some of her personal creative writing has been featured in the Cornfield Review (2006 and 2007 issues) and she has submitted some of her creative writing to various creative writing journals. I’ve been lucky enough to read some of Deanna’s poetry and I definitely recommend it! Some of the magnets featured on magnetic poetry boards come from Deanna’s own personal magnetic poetry set. Some of Deanna’s favorite poets are Emily Dickinson and Pablo Neruda.  

Stop by the library and check out all the awesome and fun displays, and say hi to Deanna!

"Write a poem because you're epic."

“Write a poem
because you’re epic.”

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