That Point

IMG_2912I fear that we are all reaching “that point” in the semester, or at least I am. The point of no return where we must buck-up and fight to finish. The sweet spring breeze is pushing us all to stop and take a break out in the sun, however Final projects and exams are quickly reminding us that we must stay inside and do our best.

I myself am someone that constantly feels that unless I feel good about the work I am doing, it is simply not good enough. This pushes me to constantly feel as though I need to work harder and longer. I over correct and over analyze and speak too much and ask too many questions. This is how I succeed, however it is exhausting.

So this is my push to each and every one of my fellow students as we are close to bidding the Spring semester adieu. Carry on, the sweet summer sun will be there waiting when we are through!

One thought on “That Point

  1. Yes, the last weeks of classes
    move on like molasses,
    and the taste of Spring Break
    makes it harder to take
    the alarm’s wake-up buzz,
    but you gotta go ’cause
    there’s still a grade to achieve
    before you can leave.
    Not trying to be a bummer,
    but it’s a ways until summer.
    Hang in their friend,
    soon it will end! 🙂

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