The Undergraduate Research Experience

One of the many influential experiences that I am so thankful for is having the opportunity to participate in Undergraduate Research. I took organic chemistry my first semester here at the Marion campus. After the second semester organic chemistry, I had inquired about my professors group of research students, which sparked my interest in the project. Eventually I was offered to do Undergraduate Research, which I gladly accepted. I was one of the best decisions in my life.
After this past summer and throughout the school year, I was able to pursue this research. My major is Pharmaceutical Sciences and I hope to go on to obtain my PharmD. In a nutshell, my research goes into drug design and development. This research will give me an insight that can advance my education and even my career after graduation. I will be presenting at the OSU Marion Research Colloquium and the Denman Expo this Spring. I am very nervous and very excited at the same time. I am focusing on presenting to my peers and conveying the meaning of my research to those who look to be educated. I also get to present research to experts who are in my field. I feel as though mastering this skill of conveying the meaning of my research to different audiences will help me become more of an expert myself and give me experience that I would never have otherwise.
I think everyone should look into the opportunities such as research, especially those on the Marion campus. I feel that they are very advantageous for regional campus students who are planning on matriculating to the Columbus campus. On regional campuses, students and faculty members work closely together which can help students foster these amazing opportunities. Once a student runs their course on the regional campus and goes to Columbus, they have an experience that allows them to stand out. And if it is something that applies to their field of interest, that success can carry on after graduation and into your career.


Pictured below is my first research experience at the OSUM Research Colloquium.  Here I am presenting a psychology research project from PSYCH 1100H.


Buckeyes are Ballin’

In the 2015-2016 school year, Ohio State Marion has made a concerted effort to attract students to the Alber Student Center. Led by Shannon Nidzwicki (Director of the Stud20160225_123333ent Center) the school has aimed at more active events.

Currently taking place is a basketball tournament comprised of six teams, with three players per team. Teams created an original name and have competed in a round robin, until a winner take all tournament in late March.

If you’re interested in watching or rooting on any fellow classmates stop into the student center to check for times!

Planting our STEM

Photo 1 (3)

STEM majors captured in their natural habitat

Happy Engineers Week!!! (Bet you didn’t know that was a thing)

Here at Marion, the STEM field increases every year; more students are starting to attend this campus in order to study a major that’s part of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) field. This photo is a visual representation of our every day activity! Thankfully, the computer lab in the library building is open until 9 p.m. because we eat lunch here, sometimes dinner, and we also have students bring in their laptops to play video games. I find it amusing that once 4:30 p.m. comes around, the room becomes quiet (that’s when the engineering class starts); even more quiet at 6:00 p.m. because the rest of the students leave to go to their programming class. Our engineering and programming classes are held in this building therefore the activity that was going on the day this photo was taken were students finishing their SolidWorks homework for Engineering (1182) and coding some C++ for programming (1222).

It is true that the STEM field is smaller here compared to the other majors that are offered on campus but part of me enjoys that. I like being able to see my friends in the same classes that I am in because we all somewhat need to take the same prerequisites, I also like that we all help each other through the same homework and projects. I hope that with the help of the new science and engineering building that’s under construction here in Marion, the STEM field will grow larger because even though we may not have much free time, we still feel like we are part of something!


SOOSUM: Quiet Chemistry

Did you Know?

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I’m here now doing Chemistry homework and I like to have everything laid out so that’s why I came in here – it’s quiet and I’m just enjoying myself and chemistry. It’s not going too bad, not too bad. I’d like to be doing better in it but I’m starting to understand it now. I just take my time with it and I’m starting to go over it. I’m beginning to meet with the professor, which isn’t turning out to be too bad.


IMG_2860With the help of students, faculty, and staff we were able to raise over $300 yesterday to support the Pay-It-Forward campaign.  This campaign collects money that is then given to several Marion organizations each and every year in the form of a grant. What is so special about this grant is the fact that it is raised by the English 3304 class to then be given to another English class which then allows that class to learn the process of writing, relieving, and hand out grants.   This is a great example of how this campus continues to support each other and our wonderful community. Because of you, we were able to be one step closer to our goal of $4,000! If you would still like to donate, you have until March 1st!


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East Asian Cultures Club watching My Neighbor Totoro

Here at Ohio State Marion we have a club called East Asian Cultures Club, and I am quite a big fan of it! What other club watches awesome animes and have cultural food at the same time? It’s a great way to meet new students that are not specifically in your major and that’s exactly why I love it! The students that are in charge of this club are very much educated on different Asian languages and cultural traditions. This club is held every Thursday at 3:00 p.m.; if you decide to attend, chances are you’re going to be doing some karaoke, watching famous animes, playing traditional games, eating snacks form different parts of East Asia (Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc), traveling to Columbus to visit restaurants, and learning basic languages. What a great way to spend your Thursdays on campus!


Christian's Office

“Humor is the affectionate communication of insight.” ~Leo Rosten

Every now and then we like to have a little fun in the Communications Office. Pay us a visit some time.

Very Large Visit Day


Well we had a huge group of new potential Buckeyes on Monday! We had around 100 or more people and many students left with the impression that Ohio State Marion is where they see their higher education beginning! Visit day is something that goes on once a month and is ran by the Office of Admission and Financial Aid. It takes lots of preparation; however, each Buckeye addition is worth it!

Campus Aesthetics

OSU Marion is one of the best campuses in Ohio. Not only for education but for its looks, too. It is beautiful year round and all day long. Here are a couple pictures showing how great our campus looks during the winter:







How can this not inspire you to come back everyday and do the best you can in all of your classes?

Library Love and Leisure

Before you even get inside the actual library you start to notice the cut out paper hearts in the American Heart Month Display in the rotunda. You continue further into the library and you can’t help but notice more hearts and sparkles! Valentine’s Day might be over, but the library is still full of love! February is Library Lovers Month and the staff took full advantage of this when it came to decorating. Not only is love circulating at the library, but leisure is too! Over the past week the library has added a lot more titles to the leisure section located on the second floor of the library. Students now have a wider selection of interesting books for some easy reading! So you want the full library experience this month with a bit of love and a bit of leisure? Check out the display featuring some hot romance leisure books! The library is a great place on campus to curl up with a romantic book– or any book– and enjoy some down time!

Evening and weekend supervisor Deanna Bachtell adding to the leisure section.

Evening and weekend supervisor Deanna Bachtell adding to the leisure section.

"Snag a date with a hot book!"

“Snag a date with a hot book!”

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So much leisure!

So much leisure!