Above is an image of an iconic marching band show from my high school. Now, where many are used to seeing the cursive letters of people form the incomparable Script Ohio, my school took the idea and made it their own.  This was created by our band directors, all proud OSU alumni, when they came back and got into music education at Wooster.  Script “Woo!” was created as a way to bring flare to the homecoming game on Friday nights.

This is included because of what it represents to me and where I come from, and from what I learned from it, being a marching band member and marching it all four years of high school.

This show taught me a lot. Where a lot of people see the show and think, “Oh, just follow the leader,” this could not be any farther from the truth.  This formation can only work if you do your part and know where you should be and what you should be doing.  If you just follow the leader, there is a chance that they could mess up. If you follow them, and in turn everyone else follows you, you are just as responsible for leading the mistake.  This formation teaches will power and independence to fight the crowd and do your part. It also taught how every part matters. If somebody was out of place or out of step there would be collisions and misalignments, which would cause the overall image to be hampered. So this formation taught me how to know my part, do my part, and by doing that ultimately helping the entirety of the group.


This leads to the artifact below. Below is pictured an instructor helping an individual. I selected this image because it demonstrates the fact that people want to and will be helpful when people need it. I believe teachers, instructors, directors, coaches and our peers are critical in forming who we are.

Without somebody willing to help us, we could never get better or understand. There would be no advance or gain in the knowledge or skill trying to be learned.  Having good influences in life who are willing to teach, and help you are the kind of people you should surround yourself with.  This way, you can continue growing as a student, citizen or whatever it is you are striving to improve.

My coaches and teachers had a huge impact on how I see things and how I live my life.  For that, I am very thankful, and because of that, I try to do the same for others.  By doing so, I learned that I love helping others and will continue to be there for others whenever they need it, and for whatever they need it.



All in all, my artifacts represent how you need to do your part to insure the success of the whole, self discipline and independence, not to always follow the leader in case they go astray, and to teach and work with others so that you can help them improve themselves, and in the process you may just improve yourself as well.


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