Welcome to the Social Work major! Here is information about next steps.

Course Registration

If you plan to complete the social work major coursework in two years, you should enroll in the following major courses Autumn Semester:

  • Social Work 3101*
  • Social Work 3401
  • Social Work 3501

* Social Work 3101 is also offered as an online course in Summer.

If you plan to complete the social work major coursework in three or more years, you should enroll in Social Work 3101 in Autumn Semester. It is recommended that you consult with your academic advisor to degree plan.

All students have the option to register for a Social Work Elective or any remaining General Education coursework.

Access curriculum guides and the list of social work major courses, social work electives, and GEs here.

Orientation to the Social Work Major

A mandatory Orientation to the Social Work Major will take place prior to the start of Autumn Semester. This mandatory orientation will provide you with information you will need regarding College expectations, the social work curriculum, your field placement, and faculty and academic advising roles. More information will be shared as the date nears. This orientation is separate from University Orientation.

Please note that your admission is contingent upon successful completion of all pre-major courses prior to Autumn Semester 2021 and maintaining a CPHR and PPHR (GPA within the pre-major courses) of 2.0 or above. Inability to meet this condition will void acceptance into the major. Should this occur, you may re-apply for the 2022 academic year by completing a new application.  If you are transferring into the social work major from another university, your admission to the major is also contingent upon being admitted to The Ohio State University.

If you have questions regarding your remaining pre-major courses, please refer to your Degree Audit or contact your academic advisor.

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