Conference day 4 — two interesting panels to finish it out!

Another BSS Conference is almost in the books. Here is what to expect on the last day of our conference (all times are UTC-4).
  • We will start the day with the first session between 9:00 and 10:40 featuring:
    • Katsiaryna Ackermann, “Some Contrastive Evidence of Cognitive-semantic Schemes Deducible in Naming of Close Social Circle in Balkan Linguistic Communities and Beyond”
    • Giustina Selvelli, “Patterns of Multilingualism between “Imperial Legacy” and Globalization in the Bulgarian City of Plovdiv”
    • Tatiana Ganenkova, “Second Language Acquisition of Macedonian by Albanian Native Speakers Living in Struga”
    • Lumnije Jusufi, “’Germany Unites us!’ Joint Macedonian-Albanian Language Developments in Contact”
  • The second session of the day (and last of the conference) will run between 11:00 and 12:40 featuring:
    • Carly Dickerson, “Regional Variation in the Production of Albanian Rhotics”
    • George Bocean, “The Death of a Dialect? A Sociolinguistic and Historical Analysis of the Banat Romanian Dialect, and its Impact on Banat Identity and Culture”
    • Andreea Pascaru, “Assessing Language Vitality and Endangerment: Language Attitudes among the Romeyka Speakers of Turkey and Greece”
    • Thede Kahl, “Trakatrukika, the Language of Kızderbent. What Remains from a South Slavic Vernacular Shaped in Asia Minor and Spoken in Greek Macedonia?”
  • After the conclusion of the last session, the OSU Organizing Committee will close the conference and pass the torch to the University of Mississippi that will host BSSC in 2024!
Make sure you check the conference schedule for any last-minute updates. Also available at the conference website.

We look forward to an equally exciting last day!

Rexhina Ndoci, on behalf of the Organizing Committee

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