Conference day 3 — literature, culture, linguistics, and a trip to the (virtual) beach

Thank you all for making day two of our conference great! Here is what to expect in day three (all times UTC-4):
  • We will start with the first session of the day between 9:25 and 10:40 featuring:
    • Lejla Veskovic, “The Fall and Rise of Yugoslav (Trans)socialist Society”
    • Tijana Matijević, “Yugoslav Remains as the Foundations of the Story-Telling: On Olja Savičević Ivančević’s Fiction”
    • Bavjola Shatro, “Remembering and Narrating as Moral Survival Fr. Zef Pllumi’s Memoir Live to Tell”
  • The second session of the day will run between 11:00 and 12:15 featuring:
    • Gjorgje Bozhoviq, “Head Movement in Old and Modern Albanian vis-à-vis the Balkan Sprachbund”
    • Liljana Makarijoska, Bisera Pavleska Georgievska & Jordana Shemko Georgievska, “Phraseological Units with Color Components in Macedonian and Albanian”
    • Clayton Marr, “Angevin Evaporation? Langue d’oil and Old Albanian”
  • The third session of the day will run between 12:35 and 13:50 featuring:
    • Donald Dyer, “Tales from the Script: Balkanistica at 50!”
    • Toni Juricic, “The Case of the Mediterranean Grotesque and its Relation to the Southern Gothic”
    • Grace Fielder & Elena Petroska, “The Lekov Affair: Ideology versus Linguistic Integrity”
  • There will be a socializing break between 13:50-15:00 in Gather.Town in the following link (same link as the one for day 2)
  • The last session will run between 15:00 and 15:55 featuring:
    • A. Jakob Johnson, “Similar but Not the Same: Aspectual Mismatches between Bulgarian da-constructions and Russian Infinitives in Fiction and Religious Speeches”
    • Nathan Marks & Biljana Konatar, “Contact-Induced Change: Enclitic Placement by BCMS Heritage Speakers”
Finally, make sure you also check the conference schedule for last minute updates.
We look forward to another exciting day at the conference!
Rexhina Ndoci, on behalf of the Organizing Committee

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