Conference day 2 — featuring the Naylor Lecture!

What a great start to the conference we’ve had! Here is what to expect in day two (all times UTC-4):
  • We will start with the first session of the day between 9:00 and 10:40 featuring:
    • Alexander Novik, “Traditional Costume of Slavic (Macedonian) Muslims in Albania: Adaptating and Preserving the Identity”
    • Katsiaryna Ackermann, “Some Contrastive Evidence of Cognitive-semantic Schemes Deducible in Naming of Close Social Circle in Balkan Linguistic Communities and Beyond”
    • Daniel Ungureanu, “Memescape Narratives of Major Social Movements in the Post-2013 Romania”
    • Dorian Jurić, “Bringing Back Bakonja: Epic Topography and the Editor’s Imperative”
  • Between 11:00 and 12:15 Dr. Andrey Sobolev will give the 2022 Kenneth E. Naylor Memorial Lecture titled “Torlak in the Slavic Family and Balkan Sprachbund: Linguistic Problems and Methodological Challenges”.
    • We will be using the same Zoom link for the Naylor lecture as for the rest of the conference (please ignore an earlier version of the schedule that stated otherwise).
  • The second session of the day will run between 13:25 and 14:40 featuring:
    • Eleni Bužarovska & Liljana Mitkovska, “On the Lability of Verbs in Balkan Languages”
    • Ivan Šimko, Barbara Sonnenhauser & Anastasia Escher, “Variation in the Marking of Balkan Slavic Indirect Objects”
    • Brian D. Joseph, “Balkan Adverbials in –m/–n/–Ø”
  • The last session will run between 15:00 and 16:15 featuring:
    • Monica Genesin & Joachim Matzinger , “Street Names in Albania – An Unwritten History”
    • Daniel Collins, “Delocutivity-motivated Semantic Changes in South Slavic”
    • Andrew Johnson, “Comprehensive Synchronic Albanian Conjugation Paradigm”
Finally, make sure you also check the conference schedule for last minute updates. Also available at the conference website.
We look forward to another exciting day at the conference!
Rexhina Ndoci, on behalf of the Organizing Committe

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