Conference day 1 – what you need to know

Here is what you need to know about the first day:

Here is what to expect in terms of talks (all times are UTC-4):

  • We will kick off the day at 11:50 with a welcome to the conference
  • The first session will go between 12:00 and 13:40 featuring:
    • Maxim Makartsev & Max Wahlström, “Ambitransitivity in Balkan Romance and South Slavic: An Areal Overview”
    • Tomislav Sočanac & Iliyana Krapova, “Factivity and Veridicality in South Slavic Languages”
    • Stanislava-Stasha Tofoska & Bojan Petrevski, “Are Positive Personal Qualities Always Positive? The Semantic and Pragmatic Potential of Some Adjectives Expressing Personal Qualities in Macedonian”
    • James Pennington, “Epistemic Immediacy Expressed Through the Genitive in Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian: The Missing Link to a Common Slavic Category?”
  • The keynote will be given by prof. Victor Friedman between 14:00 and 15:15 who will talk about “Balkan Obscenity and the Balkan Sprachbund”
  • The second session will go between 15:25 and 17:05 featuring:
    • Rexhina Ndoci, “Albanians and the Features of their L2 Greek in Internet Memes”
    • Sarah Craycraft, “Radical Imaginaries: Intergenerational Residencies as Rural Intervention”
    • Valentina Iepuri, “‘It Is the Time of Good People’: 2020 Presidential Campaign Discourse in the Republic of Moldova”
    • Bojan Belić, “When Sex-Indexing Hits Present-Day Serbian”
  • To close the day prof. Brian Joseph will give a virtual tour of Columbus to make up for COVID not allowing us to hold the conference in-person to see Columbus for yourselves.

We look forward to an exciting conference!

Rexhina Ndoci, on behalf of the BSSC22 Organizing Committee

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