Essential Oils for Studying

Struggling to keep up with your studies? When I say “I neeeeeeeed coffee,” I should really just say “I neeeeeed energy……that is without an energy crash.” You may wonder what could be a solution outside adding caffeine to my studies. This is when essential oils can provide some help. 

Focus is absolutely essential when it comes to retaining the information you are studying. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy. One of the best essential oils found to promote focus and concentration is rosemary. Rosemary has an earthy aroma and contains active compounds that affect and improve the pathways of the brain responsible for focus, memory, and retention. A study was done on students that took a test which quizzed knowledge they had just learned. The students in a room scented of rosemary essential oil performed better than those in the room absent of the smell. Another essential that can provide benefits to improving memory and concentration is lavender

On top of lavender improving memory and concentration, lavender has shown significant calming effects.  Sometimes stress is inevitable when learning the pathway of a nerve or a complex, math equation, it can really get the best of us. To deal with the stress you need to relax, so how about adding some lavender to your study routine. Lavender can also be a great booster when energy levels run low. 

Focus can’t exist without energy and alertness. Outside of lavender, studies done with peppermint essential oil have shown effectiveness in fighting burnout and exhaustion. Aside from reducing some daytime fatigue, how can you resist the pleasant, sweet smell of peppermint?

Now about when those exam blues hit. We can admit, at least I know I can, they can hit hard when one tough exam comes after another. However, speaking the A into existence can do more wonders than you think. A positive mindset while studying, or during those tense minutes in an exam are crucial. How about the fresh juicy scent of lemon essential oil or sweet orange to create a positive mindset while relieving some of that anxiousness.

There are a couple different ways in terms of how to use essential oils. The first way is aromatherapy. This is essentially using a diffuser. The essential oil is diluted in water and released into the air. Another way to get your use is topically. Blend a few drops with a carrier oil and apply to your skin. Be careful, if not diluted properly those with sensitive skin could have a small reaction. Lastly, oftentimes essential oils are added into lotions and candles to keep the scent lasting anytime throughout your day.

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  1. Absolutely fascinating. These valuable insights on essential oils and their impact on studying are incredibly enlightening. A must-read article for every student out there.

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