Journal 3: Reflection of this Semester and What to Plan for Next Semester

This semester has been a wake up call and a reality check as I learned to be more independent. I have had struggles with time management and study skills but learned from my struggles and improved my timing and test scores throughout the semester. Throughout the rest of the year I will continue to find volunteer work and be involved with campus activities. Next semester I will be focused on studying and try to find at least one student organization to become involved in which I think would be a good way to make new friends and learn more about the university and its students. Some of the other classes at Ohio State that I’m interested in is the American Sign Language classes because the language has always fascinated be and I feel like knowing the language it would make a deaf person feel happy that someone who can hear was interested and took the time to learn something they didn’t have to but wanted to. Over Winter Break and during next semester I will be keeping the job I already have which is very flexible with my hours, I mostly work weekends. Over Winter break I am going to look into internships or professional job shadowing to have either over the second semester or over the summer. I want to study abroad but it involves a lot of money and planning so I may do it next year or junior year because I plan on being involved in STEP but I hope to study in Europe. Over the summer I hope to travel but mostly the states around Ohio with a couple of my friends. Scholars has taught me to be involved and learn new things even if it’s not school related but location or people related. Scholars shows us where we should start and what we should do to reach our goals not only in this assignment but also for school.