Columbus TO Do List Part 2

 The third dessert place I decided to go to for my Columbus to do list was United Dairy Farmers because I have been to UDF before but I have never tried their ice cream. I decided to get a dipped cone with Blue Moo Cookie Dough ice cream. For it being a one scoop it was a big scoop. I would recommend going to UDF when you’re looking to grab a cone on a hot summer day. UDF is a gas station but has a store that sells stuff just like other gas stations but they have an area by the cash registers to scoop your ice cream and check you out. There are UDF’s all around Columbus but the one I went to was on Hague avenue.

 The fourth place I went to was Baskin Robins close to my dorm on High street and I went with two of my cousins. While at Baskin Robins I got a single scoop warm cookie sundae. I got two chocolate chunk cookies and one scoop of New York cheesecake ice cream with cookie dough, hot fudge, and whipped cream as my toppings. Personally I was not a huge fan of what I got, it was good but was not my favorite of all that I have eaten. Next time I will have to try another flavor of ice cream and maybe no toppings either.

 The fifth place was probably my favorite just because of the environment inside the store. The last place I went to was The Chocolate Cafe where I purchased a white chocolate chip brownie that had chocolate fudge drizzled on top of it. The cafe also sold big pieces of cake and cheesecake. Going to the cafe you get your moneys worth because you get a big piece of cake for anywhere between $6 and $11. The Cafe doesn’t just serve chocolate or sweet treats but also hot chocolate and coffee and according to their sign they make the best hot chocolate, I guess I’ll have to try that next time I go there. The Chocolate cafe is located on Northwest Boulevard. I would definitely recommend the Chocolate Cafe to my friends because it is a medium restaurant where you can eat sweet treats or sip coffee while you converse.

When I decided to find dessert shops around Columbus I wanted to do ones I haven’t tried or haven’t had since I was a little kid. Going to all these shops I have discovered new areas to go with friends to hang out and have fun while we do our favorite thing, EAT. I have lived in Columbus all my life which is almost 19 years and I never tried any of what I ate and I’m happy that I had the chance to. I was excited to hear that I would have the chance to explore this place I call home and discover new areas I never was able to explore. I hope to continue to explore not only Columbus but other cities in Ohio.