Columbus Part 1

I have lived in Columbus all my life and there is still so much I have not seen. I debated on which activity I wanted to do considering how much money I had to spend. I decided to do the Ice Cream/ Dessert theme because there are so many Ice Cream shops close by and I haven’t tried much of them besides the well-known ones such as Dairy Queen. Doing this assignment, I’m hoping to learn of more areas to hang out with friends because right now my friends and I would go to Regal Cinemas on Georgesville road to watch a movie then walk over to Steak and Shake for dinner and a milkshake. Doing this assignment, I am looking forward to seeing different parts of Columbus that I never knew existed. Deciding on where to go I didn’t have to pay for either places, I went to Graeter’s on Lane Avenue and Dulce Vida on West Broad street. About a week before we received the themes my aunt and I had dinner and dessert together and she took me to Graeter’s. While I was at Graeter’s I looked at all that they had to offer and I decided to get a sundae with cookie dough ice cream. I only had Graeter’s one other time when I was in 7th grade so it was nice to try it again. The second place I went to was Dulce Vida on West Broad street, it is a Mexican Ice Cream shop that has 40 different flavors of Ice Cream and other foods such as walking tacos. When I went to Dulce Vida I got a small cone that had rainbow sprinkles on it and bubble gum Ice Cream. Both shops were nice and comfortable areas and I can’t wait to try out more shops.

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