Journal 3: Reflection of this Semester and What to Plan for Next Semester

This semester has been a wake up call and a reality check as I learned to be more independent. I have had struggles with time management and study skills but learned from my struggles and improved my timing and test scores throughout the semester. Throughout the rest of the year I will continue to find volunteer work and be involved with campus activities. Next semester I will be focused on studying and try to find at least one student organization to become involved in which I think would be a good way to make new friends and learn more about the university and its students. Some of the other classes at Ohio State that I’m interested in is the American Sign Language classes because the language has always fascinated be and I feel like knowing the language it would make a deaf person feel happy that someone who can hear was interested and took the time to learn something they didn’t have to but wanted to. Over Winter Break and during next semester I will be keeping the job I already have which is very flexible with my hours, I mostly work weekends. Over Winter break I am going to look into internships or professional job shadowing to have either over the second semester or over the summer. I want to study abroad but it involves a lot of money and planning so I may do it next year or junior year because I plan on being involved in STEP but I hope to study in Europe. Over the summer I hope to travel but mostly the states around Ohio with a couple of my friends. Scholars has taught me to be involved and learn new things even if it’s not school related but location or people related. Scholars shows us where we should start and what we should do to reach our goals not only in this assignment but also for school.

Columbus TO Do List Part 2

 The third dessert place I decided to go to for my Columbus to do list was United Dairy Farmers because I have been to UDF before but I have never tried their ice cream. I decided to get a dipped cone with Blue Moo Cookie Dough ice cream. For it being a one scoop it was a big scoop. I would recommend going to UDF when you’re looking to grab a cone on a hot summer day. UDF is a gas station but has a store that sells stuff just like other gas stations but they have an area by the cash registers to scoop your ice cream and check you out. There are UDF’s all around Columbus but the one I went to was on Hague avenue.

 The fourth place I went to was Baskin Robins close to my dorm on High street and I went with two of my cousins. While at Baskin Robins I got a single scoop warm cookie sundae. I got two chocolate chunk cookies and one scoop of New York cheesecake ice cream with cookie dough, hot fudge, and whipped cream as my toppings. Personally I was not a huge fan of what I got, it was good but was not my favorite of all that I have eaten. Next time I will have to try another flavor of ice cream and maybe no toppings either.

 The fifth place was probably my favorite just because of the environment inside the store. The last place I went to was The Chocolate Cafe where I purchased a white chocolate chip brownie that had chocolate fudge drizzled on top of it. The cafe also sold big pieces of cake and cheesecake. Going to the cafe you get your moneys worth because you get a big piece of cake for anywhere between $6 and $11. The Cafe doesn’t just serve chocolate or sweet treats but also hot chocolate and coffee and according to their sign they make the best hot chocolate, I guess I’ll have to try that next time I go there. The Chocolate cafe is located on Northwest Boulevard. I would definitely recommend the Chocolate Cafe to my friends because it is a medium restaurant where you can eat sweet treats or sip coffee while you converse.

When I decided to find dessert shops around Columbus I wanted to do ones I haven’t tried or haven’t had since I was a little kid. Going to all these shops I have discovered new areas to go with friends to hang out and have fun while we do our favorite thing, EAT. I have lived in Columbus all my life which is almost 19 years and I never tried any of what I ate and I’m happy that I had the chance to. I was excited to hear that I would have the chance to explore this place I call home and discover new areas I never was able to explore. I hope to continue to explore not only Columbus but other cities in Ohio.

Columbus Part 1

I have lived in Columbus all my life and there is still so much I have not seen. I debated on which activity I wanted to do considering how much money I had to spend. I decided to do the Ice Cream/ Dessert theme because there are so many Ice Cream shops close by and I haven’t tried much of them besides the well-known ones such as Dairy Queen. Doing this assignment, I’m hoping to learn of more areas to hang out with friends because right now my friends and I would go to Regal Cinemas on Georgesville road to watch a movie then walk over to Steak and Shake for dinner and a milkshake. Doing this assignment, I am looking forward to seeing different parts of Columbus that I never knew existed. Deciding on where to go I didn’t have to pay for either places, I went to Graeter’s on Lane Avenue and Dulce Vida on West Broad street. About a week before we received the themes my aunt and I had dinner and dessert together and she took me to Graeter’s. While I was at Graeter’s I looked at all that they had to offer and I decided to get a sundae with cookie dough ice cream. I only had Graeter’s one other time when I was in 7th grade so it was nice to try it again. The second place I went to was Dulce Vida on West Broad street, it is a Mexican Ice Cream shop that has 40 different flavors of Ice Cream and other foods such as walking tacos. When I went to Dulce Vida I got a small cone that had rainbow sprinkles on it and bubble gum Ice Cream. Both shops were nice and comfortable areas and I can’t wait to try out more shops.

College Life

When I moved in on campus I was excited and the whole “Being on your own” didn’t hit me till that night. I actually live close to campus, about a 10 to 15 minute drive, but I was kept close to home with parents who wanted the best for me so they had strict rules. I thank them for that it has just been a lot of adjusting to something so different where I don’t get to see them whenever I want. Ohio State was a little overwhelming but I worked hard to get there and there was no way I was backing out when I was so close. If I had to re-do my college selection over I wouldn’t have changed a thing. It is really different from how things are at my house but with each day I talk to a new person or I get homework done early instead of last minute. I expected my first week at college  to be a mess with me getting lost, or not understanding what’s going on, or a huge work load being assigned. I only got lost a couple of times but that’s why I left my dorm early so I had time to get lost. The assignments I have received I’ve learned to ask for help ahead of time and to get it done early so there is no stressing over it. Ohio State always has something going on on campus and that’s the fun about it, they’re always trying to make you comfortable and help you make new friends.

Year in Review

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Global Awareness: Students cultivate and develop their appreciation for diversity and each individual’s unique differences. For example, consider course work, study abroad, involvement in cultural organizations or activities, etc .
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About Me

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