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Thank you for your patience as we work through figuring out things in this unprecedented situation. There are a few important updates, and some of it is the continuation of we just do not know yet. We are working to find the best solutions for all involved while keeping the health and safety of our 4-H’ers and community safe and healthy. Because there are more than just a few updates, I’ve posted everything on the website as a News and Notes and saved it in 4HOnline as a newsletter. PLEASE read this information carefully! There are some updates as well as some really fun opportunities included.

Find it here: (if the hyperlink doesn’t work from your email, try typing the link into your browser. Some systems have been having issues with hyperlinks).

A few of the items included in the newsletter:

  • Update from Senior Fairboard
  • State Fair Update from the State 4-H Office
  • Project Completion and Judging Info
  • 2020 4-H T-Shirt Orders
  • June Contest Info
  • Camp…ish!
  • SPIN Club offerings
  • 4-H Pillowcase Orders
  • And more!

Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development

OSU Extension News 5/28/2020

By: Christy Clary, OSU Extension Educator 4-H Youth Development

4-leaf clover

I was dodging raindrops the other day, looked down, and saw this 4-leaf clover. For some, the 4-leaf clover represents luck. While I always feel lucky to find one, I also immediately think of 4-H. I am an OSU Extension Educator with 4-H Youth Development, so some might think well of course she does. But it is more than that, since before I can remember I have been involved with 4-H. I have lived and breathed this program all my life and believe in what we do.

We are a youth development program. Our goal and mission is to develop caring, contributing citizens; to provide learning opportunities for youth to develop their skills to be successful throughout life. To connect them with caring adults who can help mentor them and help them become life-long learners.

We use the motto “To Make the Best Better” and the slogan “Learn by Doing.” The youth in the program are the best, and by participating they are working to improve. They do this by completing hands-on activities and projects and learn by doing real-world things.

As an educator and working with volunteers, I strive in all the decisions I make that they are moving in that same direction toward making the best better. When I have to make decisions, some are easy and some are hard, I must think of what is best for all the youth and volunteers in the program. Just like the kids, the adults are learning as we go through the process.

We make a pledge at each of our meetings and events to help guide what we do. It can also serve as a guide outside of specific events and each and everything we do, especially right now in a time of uncertainty and difficult decisions.

I pledge my head to clearer thinking. As we work through all these difficult decisions, know that those who are working through this are trying to make the best decision for everyone involved not only for now but for future years as well.

I pledge my heart to greater loyalty. The adult volunteers are champions for all the kids in the program. As I work with these individuals, they do not take this role lightly and are trying to find positive solutions.

I pledge my hands to larger service. Just like our youth complete service projects to give back to the community, we could not do the things we do without dedicated volunteers, who give tirelessly to make the best decisions they can for the youth in our community.

I pledge my health to better living. Physical health is important, but we also need to focus on our mental health. We need to stay positive in both our thoughts and how we are treating ourselves and others, especially as difficult decisions are made. We often hear that we need to learn to win and lose graciously, and we do. But our responses to disappointment should also look like this also, in person, in email and on social media.

For my club, my community, my country, and my world. The decisions being made are for everyone. Right now, public officials are making decisions that impact each and every one of us. They are not making these decisions lightly. At the county level and with 4-H, a lot of people are looking toward the fair. The people making decisions are not taking it lightly and understand it impacts each and every one of the youth who exhibit and more. The fair is the culmination of hard work and the chance to show off what has been accomplished. It is also a chance to have fun, see friends, and make memories.

As we do face these interesting times in history, I challenge you to remember the 4-H pledge. I challenge you to not act like those making decisions are doing it carelessly and without considering all the implications. I challenge you to not act like they do not have insight into how much this means to people. It is simply not the case, they do. I challenge you to respond with grace and kindness no matter the decisions. I also challenge you to think about how you have the conversation with the young people in your lives. What do you want to teach them about how to handle wins, losses, and disappointments? These are called tough decisions for a reason, none of us want to even be considering many of these things. But we must make the decisions based on what will be the best solution now and for years to come. All we can control in this situation is how we react, let us make it a positive one.

The 4-H program is part of the Ohio State University Extension services. For more information on the 4-H program and how to get involved, contact the Brown County OSU Extension office at 937-378-6716. Our office is temporarily closed due to COVID-19, but we are available by phone. You can also find more information on our website or follow Brown County 4-H on Facebook at A list of canceled and postponed events is listed on our website.

Christy Clary is the Ohio State University, Extension Educator for 4-H Youth Development in Brown County.

Originally published in the May 28, 2020 Brown County Press

4-H COVID-19 Update 3/16/20

The following email was sent to all 4-H families on 3/16/2020. Please see our website for the updated/running list of postponed or canceled events.

To our 4-H Families:

Last week was quite a week with changes coming quickly and this week looks to be no different. Thank you for your patience with your county 4-H staff, the state 4-H office and OSU Extension. I know you have many questions:

  • When can we have club meetings?
  • Will there be summer camp?
  • Should we invest in projects?
  • What about fair?

The answer is at this point, we just don’t know. It is all changing rapidly. But what we do know for sure is that we’re committed to doing our part to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We also know that when we choose to act together, we can have incredible positive impacts.

The actions we’ve taken so far are in alignment with necessary precautions recommended by the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Ohio Department of Health. These are in place to help keep us all from getting, or unintentionally spreading, this virus.

To help clarify, we are asking that ALL 4-H events, programs, and activities scheduled between now and April 1st be held virtually, postponed, or canceled.

For our livestock project members and families, Ohio 4-H and the Ohio Department of Agriculture discussed some changes for this year that will help mitigate the effects the coronavirus is having on holding in-person programming. For livestock quality assurance (QA) for the 2020 year only:

  • QA must still be completed before the opening day of exhibition. This means if you are exhibiting at State Fair, the June 1 deadline is no longer applicable. Our July 1st deadline is still in effect for 2020. We will adjust this as needed as things change. Currently, we have a PQA scheduled for April 24th and a general QA for May 26th.
  • Youth livestock exhibitors (8-18) may opt to take the online YQCA certification.
    • Youth who decide to do the online option can go to the following website to take the age-appropriate on-line module for $12:
    • Youth will need their 4HOnline login and password or they can create their own login and password. Our preference is you use your 4HOnline login information because then it updates directly into the system.

In the coming days, we’ll post updates on our social media pages (Facebook and Blog) and website. We’ll also include links to resources that you and your children can use. And we’ll do what we can to keep you updated as we learn new information.

Please remember if you have not enrolled yourself, enrollments are due by April 1st! Please go to to enroll. If you need help, please go to for assistance. Currently, our office is still open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please call at 937-378-6716 if you need help.

We are keeping an updated running list of any cancellations on our website here:

We are also updating information on our Facebook page, and trying to post all relevant information on our blog:

Organizational advisers, I hope to send out an additional email today with information for you. Please be on the lookout for that email.

Yours in 4-H!


Christy D. Clary
Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development
OSU Extension, Brown County    937-378-6716