Swine Breeding Show – Brown County Junior Fair 2024

The 2024 Brown County 4-H April 1st Enrollment Deadline is fast approaching. If you have not submitted your enrollments, don’t forget to submit by April 1st. If you need to add/drop any projects, if your profile is approved you can do that yourself until the deadline or contact our office. We share all of this because this email is announcing the return of the Breeding Swine show for the Brown County Jr. Fair. Please see the information below with details about this new but old opportunity!

Breeding Gilt Show NEW for 2024

Breeding gilts will be shown by breed there will also be crossbred classes.

All purebred gilts will require registration papers in the exhibitor’s name or immediate family member (parent/guardian) at the time of check-in. Any purebreds without papers at check-in will be put in a crossbred class.

All breeding gilts must be born from January 1, 2024 to April 30, 2024.

All class winners will compete for Supreme Grand and Reserve Champion and 3-5 overall.

Each exhibitor can tag in 4 breeding gilts and show 2.

Per the Ohio Revised Code/ODA animals may only be used for one project. This means once a gilt is declared at tag-in as either breeding or market, it cannot be switched, and the same animal cannot be shown in both.

The Breeding show will follow the Born and Bred Market show on Thursday.

Breeding Gilts will not be eligible for the junior fair sale.

All eligible junior fair exhibitors are eligible to show in the breeding show. This includes those participating in the Commercial Swine project.

To participate in the Breeding Gilt show you will need to register for the Swine Breeding Project, this is project 140 in 4-H.


Commercial Swine Project

The Commercial Swine project is returning for 2024. You can register for this project by selecting Commercial Swine in 4-H Online or specifying it on FFA enrollment paperwork. You will be contacted after the enrollment deadline to confirm participation and indicate the number of hogs you would like to purchase through the program. Price will be based on the feeder pig market at the time of pick-up and all pigs will be sourced by the junior fair board. More details on selection and pick-up dates will be shared with those who register.

If you have any questions specific to the junior fair swine exhibition, please contact the junior fair Swine Superintendent Roger McKinzie at 937-618-0040.

If you have any questions about registering for 4-H or specific projects, please contact our office at 937-378-6716. 

Brown County JFB Seeking Small Animal Superintendent(s)

The Brown County Junior Fair is seeking individuals to serve as the small animal superintendent and additional assistant superintendents to help.

Superintendent(s) serve in a role with the junior fair board overseeing the members and helping them succeed in offering all events and activities throughout the year related to the department. This includes but is not limited to coordinating chicken orders, chick pick-up, small animal tagging, clinics, barn clean-ups, pen assignments, etc.

Superintendents are asked to attend Junior Fairboard meetings that are typically held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm.

Assistant superintendents assist with all the above things and may be assigned specific tasks to oversee. One assistant superintendent will be identified specifically to oversee the small animal showman of showmen.

All superintendents and assistant superintendents must be able to work as part of a team that guide our youth through the process. Individuals must be organized.

If you are interested in serving in this volunteer capacity with the Brown County Junior Fair, please submit a letter of interest by March 15th to the Brown County Extension Office or by emailing it to  clary.42@osu.edu.

Letters of interest will be reviewed by a committee, and individuals may be asked to complete an interview. Please share this information with any who may be interested.

Sign-up for Project Judging Times!

Provides date of judging and information also in text

There are just a few days left to sign-up for project judging appointments for July judging! July judging will bed held on July 14th at the Brown County Fairgrounds. Don’t miss out on having your project judged and qualifying for the Ohio State Fair. July judging is the ONLY project judging for FCS projects. For all other projects, it is to qualify for the OSF and county judging will occur on September 11th. This is to also qualify for the OSF communication contest.
Sign up for your judging time by July 9th at: http://go.osu.edu/projectappointment
Not sure what category your project falls into? First, refer to your project letter at http://brown.osu.edu/exhibitorletters. At the top of the letters, it lists project numbers (see the top corner of your book or the family guide if you don’t know your project number). You will also find judging requirements for your project here.
You can also refer to the requirement page: https://brown.osu.edu/program-areas/4-h-youth-development/project-completion-and-fair-requirements

Snow Days = Time for 4-H! – Deadlines Approaching

It appears most of our schools have decided today was perfect for a snow day! We hope everyone stays safe, warm, and our members are able to have some fun. That being said, this snow day makes it the perfect day to work on 4-H items! Especially those that have a February 1st deadline.

Promotional Commercial Contest – Due Feb. 1st

Now is the perfect time to create and finish your entry for the promo video contest! This is your chance to share about your 4-H experience. Videos are just 30-90 seconds long. Plus, just by entering you have a chance of winning one of five sweatshirt blankets (perfect for snowy days!) AND one junior and one senior will win a custom 4-H softshell jacket. Full details and how to submit can be found at http://go.osu.edu/videocontest 

Camp Counselor Applications – Due Feb. 1st 

Teens who are 14+ as of January 1st are encouraged to apply to be a 2021 camp counselor! Counselors go through training throughout the spring to then counsel at one of our residential summer camps held at Canter’s Cave 4-H Camp. This is a great leadership experience and also a lot of fun.

Counselor applications can be found at http://go.osu.edu/ablmpcounselor 

2021 Camp dates can be found at http://brown.osu.edu/4hcamp

Achievement Records – Due Feb. 1st

If you are a teen who is 14+ as of January 1st, you are eligible to apply for an Ohio 4-H Achievement Award. Details and the application can be found here: https://ohio4h.org/awardsandscholarships

Applications are due to me by February 1st. Younger members – this is a great time to check this out and start your record, adding to it annually.

Complete Your 4-H Enrollment – Due April 1st   http://oh.4honline.com 

Now is also the time to be submitting your enrollment through our online system. This is both for members and volunteers. To enroll for 2021 go to http://oh.4honline.com and submit your enrollment. If you had this page bookmarked, you will need to delete the bookmark and type in the link to make sure you are on the new version of the site. That being said, the site did get a facelift. Your log-in remains the same. If you need assistance visit our help page on the website here: https://brown.osu.edu/program-areas/4-h-youth-development/4honline-enrollment-help

**Note if you can’t find your school listed, try looking under private schools. Still not finding it, let us know!

Ohio 4-H Scholarships – Due February 15th 

Don’t miss out on applying for the Ohio 4-H Scholarships. These are due through online applications and details can be found on the state website here: https://www.ohio4h.org/families/just-teens/awards-scholarships/ohio-4-h-scholarships

Some scholarships are for any university, some specific to Ohio State, and some specific to certain programs at Ohio State. There are also some scholarships available to those who are already in college.

I hope you take the time to enjoy this snow day, but it also makes the perfect day to get some of these items checked off your 4-H to-do list! I’m especially excited to see all of your video entries and camp counselor applications. 

Yours in 4-H!


Christy D. Clary

Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development
OSU Extension, Brown County
Clary.42@osu.edu    http://brown.osu.edu

***Information was sent via email to your email address in 4-H Online earlier today.

Video Tutorial on Submitting Junior Fair Livestock Entries

We have created a video to help you with your livestock entries. This video walks through the entire process of submitting entries through Fair Entry using your 4-H Online log-in. Your species may not be featured, but the process is the same.

For our members who are in both 4-H and FFA or in dual clubs, it shows how you switch between to select the correct club/chapter for your projects. Remember you can only show a project through one organization.

For junior fair exhibitors who are ONLY in FFA but have a family member in 4-H, it shows how to add an exhibitor to the profile. For exhibitors who are ONLY in FFA and NO ONE in your family is in 4-H, this part will help you once you have created an account.

Make sure you are entering all the exhibitors in your family before you click submit.

For beef breeding, if you are showing a crossbred, it will still require you to upload registration paperwork. You just need to upload something, a blank paper will work.

For our FFA exhibitors, when you are entering your animals, this is a national system and it requires you to mark the box for County Born and Raised. We know this, mark the box and if your animal is not, just don’t select those classes. We will be confirming your entries with the paperwork submitted at tag-in.



Fair Entry Process for Animal Exhibitors – Action Required – Due Sept. 11th

The following email was sent to all volunteers and exhibitors on 9/2/20

ATTN: Junior Fair Livestock Exhibitors – Beef, Swine, Horses, Goats, Sheep, Small Animals

Action Required

*Please note: Youth must have enrolled in the project by the project enrollment deadline, completed Quality Assurance/Horse QA by August 1st, and tagged their respective animals by the species deadline to be eligible for exhibition at the 2020 Brown County Junior Fair.

The Brown County Junior Fair uses Fair Entry to help facilitate the fair.  This program is used to set up classes and to run the junior fair sale. We started using this program in 2019 and now that we know more of the features, we are trying to use it to its fullest potential.

One of the features we are implementing in 2020 is to have animal exhibitors complete a “Fair Entry” for each of their projects. Through this, you will be designating which animals you intend to bring and what classes you will be exhibiting. We know that some of your animals may change between now and fair, so it is ok if you “enter” an animal that you do not end upbringing. For example, we know our sheep exhibitors could tag up to five lambs, but only show three. They might not have decided which three lambs they are bringing to the fair. They can enter all five now, but only bring three to check-in on Sunday of the fair.

We have created an entry process guide that will help walk you through the system. Please use this to help you through the process. The information in this email and the guide can be found on our website here: http://brown.osu.edu/2020fairentry

The entry system is now open and will close on September 11th at 11:59 pm. All entries must be made by that time.

This program is connected to 4HOnline, your animals have already been entered into the system and will show-up in Fair Entry. You will log into the system using your 4HOnline log-in. If you are in both 4-H and FFA, you will use your 4HOnline log-in and be able to designate which club/chapter you are exhibiting the specific project through. If you are only in FFA and no one in your family is in 4-H, you will follow the instructions in the guide to create an account.

For our market animal exhibitors, you will be required to upload a picture of you with your animal to be used for the sale. For our returning exhibitors, this is in place of the photo that you turn in on Sunday of the fair for the buyer card. This photo should be a recent photo of you with your animal that you would want to be used publicly and shared with potential buyers. Your attire must be junior fair show appropriate, no logos on your shirt beyond your club/chapter/organization.

Beef Breeding, you will be uploading your breed registration paperwork. Horses, you will have extra questions to answer on stall requests etc.

Why are we doing this? By doing this, it helps our department superintendents prepare for the fair. They will have a better idea of how many animals will be coming to the fair to make pen assignments. It will also help to streamline the paperwork process at the fair for superintendents to be able to check animals in and break classes. Additionally, it will allow us to start conversations earlier with the different packers to get packer bids for market animals which can help us potentially get higher bids. For our horse exhibitors, you have always done this with a hard copy, we are just moving you online.

If you have questions or need help with completing your Fair Entry, please reach out to me at 937-378-6716 or clary.42@osu.edu, Jamie Loudon (Georgetown FFA), or Krista Hayslip (Eastern FFA).

Drug Use Notification Forms: We are a pilot county for completing these online for ODA. You will be receiving an email the week prior to the fair to complete these. Swine Exhibitors will also complete their Ractopamine Free Affidavit at that time.

Have a great day!


Christy D. Clary
Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development
OSU Extension Brown County
clary.42@osu.edu     http://brown.osu.edu

Special Interest Projects – Appointments Required for Judging

ATTN: Special Interest Project Members (this information was also sent via email on 9/1/20)


You are receiving this email because you or someone in your household is enrolled in a special interest project that is traditionally judged through a project interview either pre-fair or during fair. All project interviews this year will be held during the Brown County Junior Fair. Judging will occur on either Monday, Sept. 27th starting at 2 pm or Thursday, Oct. 1st starting at 9 am in the Danny Gray Building on the Fairgrounds.

Due to current guidelines, we must limit the number of people at a time. Because of this, we are requiring all members to schedule an appointment for project judging.

You will need to go to http://go.osu.edu/projectappointment to select your time slot by 11:59 pm on September 11th.

When you go to the link, you will fill in your personal information and select your project category. This will take you to a page to select your specific project. If you cannot find your specific project, use the back button to return to the category page. Once you select your project you will select your timeslot. Each member will be able to register for up to 4 projects in one submission. You will receive a summary of your results after you submit. If you are registering for more than one project, make sure you do not double book yourself.  There are limited spots per timeslot.

To help you out your options will be:

  • Clothing – any clothing project (will be judged on Monday)
  • Food/Nutrition Projects – any food and nutrition project (will be judged on Monday)
  • Family & Consumer Sciences (Cake Decorating, Your Thoughts Matter…) – are projects that are traditionally judged in July (will be judged on Monday).
  • Agriculture/STEM Projects/Natural Resource… – are projects that are typically judged in September (will be judged on Thursday).
  • Officer Books – any officer (will be judged on Thursday)
  • Self – Determined – All self-determined, please enter your project topic. (will be judged on Thursday)
  • Crops – Junior (8-13 as of Jan. 1) – will be judged on Thursday
  • Crops – Senior (14-18 as of Jan. 1) – will be judged on Thursday

Need help figuring out what is typically judged in July or September? You can find a guide on our website along with the document that lists project requirements on our website here: https://brown.osu.edu/program-areas/4-h-youth-development/project-completion-and-fair-requirements

If you are unable to attend in person due to scheduling conflicts or for health concerns, you may request a virtual interview via Zoom. You will still select a timeslot and your interview will occur during your selected timeslot on the respective day with the same judge you would see if you attended in-person.

If you cannot attend in-person or virtually on your respective day, you may complete your project for completion only with your club advisor by Sept. 15th.

Failure to register for an appointment by the deadline may result in you not being able to be interviewed and/or eligible for any awards.

There will be no project displays this year for special interest projects. You will bring your project materials with you to judging and take them home with you when you are finished. ALL members will be required to wear a mask for judging.

Animal exhibitors will be receiving separate communication on how to enter projects.

This is a new system this year, we hope it works flawlessly. If we discover any errors with enrollments such as double bookings, we will contact the members we need to sort it out. Thank you for your patience as we work through this!

Virtual Tag-In for Small Animals for the Brown County Junior Fair – Due August 31

The tag-in scheduled for August 29th is now VIRTUAL and due August 31st. An email was sent to current exhibitors who have completed QA and volunteers with the details for the updated virtual small animal tag-in last week. Guides for how to complete tag-in are available on the website at http://brown.osu.edu/exhibitorletters

Please use the guide to help you through the registration process, it will provide you with screenshots of what each page looks like for your project as well as what to enter for each field. Photos are required and vary by project.

If you are in BOTH 4-H and FFA, no matter who your project is through you will follow this guide. If you are ONLY in FFA please speak to your FFA advisor for directions.

This applies to ALL rabbit projects, Exhibition Fancy/Poultry projects, and Market Ducks, Geese and Turkeys.

Brown County Friend of 4-H and 4-H Alumni Nominations are now being accepted!

Nominations are now being accepted for 2020 Brown County Friend of 4-H and 4-H Alumni Awards! These two awards are given annually as a way to honor an individual, family, business, or corporation which has greatly supported and is currently supporting the 4-H program either financially or philanthropically at the local, county, state, or national level.

To see the full criteria, previous winners, and the nomination form visit http://brown.osu.edu/friendof4h

Nominations must be submitted by Sept. 16h to be considered.

Modified Brown County Junior Fair

The Brown County Senior Fairboard has voted to hold a modified Junior Fair for 2020 following the guidelines set through the Responsible Restart Ohio guidelines and State Health Orders. This event will be open to the public.

A schedule has been drafted with input from Junior Fair Superintendents, Junior Fairboard, and approved by the Senior Fairboard. It has been posted on our website but is subject to change. If changes are made, a new version will be posted with an updated timestamp.

You can find the schedule on our website here: https://brown.osu.edu/news/brown-county-junior-fair-modified-schedule-and-updates

As additional information is available we will notify 4-H families and post relevant information on this site.

Any questions on general public ticketing or camping should be directed to the Brown County Senior Fairboard at 937-378-3558.