Swine Breeding Show – Brown County Junior Fair 2024

The 2024 Brown County 4-H April 1st Enrollment Deadline is fast approaching. If you have not submitted your enrollments, don’t forget to submit by April 1st. If you need to add/drop any projects, if your profile is approved you can do that yourself until the deadline or contact our office. We share all of this because this email is announcing the return of the Breeding Swine show for the Brown County Jr. Fair. Please see the information below with details about this new but old opportunity!

Breeding Gilt Show NEW for 2024

Breeding gilts will be shown by breed there will also be crossbred classes.

All purebred gilts will require registration papers in the exhibitor’s name or immediate family member (parent/guardian) at the time of check-in. Any purebreds without papers at check-in will be put in a crossbred class.

All breeding gilts must be born from January 1, 2024 to April 30, 2024.

All class winners will compete for Supreme Grand and Reserve Champion and 3-5 overall.

Each exhibitor can tag in 4 breeding gilts and show 2.

Per the Ohio Revised Code/ODA animals may only be used for one project. This means once a gilt is declared at tag-in as either breeding or market, it cannot be switched, and the same animal cannot be shown in both.

The Breeding show will follow the Born and Bred Market show on Thursday.

Breeding Gilts will not be eligible for the junior fair sale.

All eligible junior fair exhibitors are eligible to show in the breeding show. This includes those participating in the Commercial Swine project.

To participate in the Breeding Gilt show you will need to register for the Swine Breeding Project, this is project 140 in 4-H.


Commercial Swine Project

The Commercial Swine project is returning for 2024. You can register for this project by selecting Commercial Swine in 4-H Online or specifying it on FFA enrollment paperwork. You will be contacted after the enrollment deadline to confirm participation and indicate the number of hogs you would like to purchase through the program. Price will be based on the feeder pig market at the time of pick-up and all pigs will be sourced by the junior fair board. More details on selection and pick-up dates will be shared with those who register.

If you have any questions specific to the junior fair swine exhibition, please contact the junior fair Swine Superintendent Roger McKinzie at 937-618-0040.

If you have any questions about registering for 4-H or specific projects, please contact our office at 937-378-6716. 

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